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Dec 032014
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Receive the gifts of the Magi

during these Holy Days




In the Latino tradition, the Christmas story reaches its heights after the birth of the baby Jesus, during epiphany, when the Magi brought the newly born Jesus gifts fit for a king or a God.

There were probably many alchemists, astronomers, priests, seers and sages that embark in the long journey to that Bethlehem manger. They were the ones who could foresee the importance of this birth. They were leaders and visionaries. However, in the archetypal story passed on to us, they are all represented by the three Wise Men, three Kings or three Magi.

For these Holy Days, I want to champion you in receiving the three gifts of the Magi because with them you too can become a leader, an alchemist and a visionary.

You can make your dreams come true and embody your purpose for 2015.

Myrrh: the Gift of Being and Becoming


In some versions of the epiphany story the gift of Myrrh is ascribed to Balthazar, the younger alchemist. He is the Magi often portrayed as black-skinned and said to come from Saba (modern south Yemen) or from Ethiopia or other parts of Africa.

Myrrh was used as an embalming ointment in funerals and cremations until the 15th century. Also called the “holy oil,” myrrh was used by the Eastern Orthodox Church to perform the sacrament of cremation. It is also a pagan reference to Death.

So why do I call Myrrh the gift of Being and Becoming?

Identity is the most powerful element in your psyche. It overrides every other element, including beliefs, habits and values.

There is a popular adage that says:

The universe does not give you what you want.

It gives you what you are.

The reason why most of us do not manifest our dream, fail to embody our purpose and do not receive the gifts that the Universe holds for us is because we feel insufficient. We secretly believe that we are too imperfect to have that purpose, to change the world, to be a leader or to influence others.

And the reason we feel this way is that our Sacred Self has been plastered with labels with which we have identified, creating a Mask of Self that is our Primary Identity. This is nothing but a socially-built identity full of judgment, limitations, habits and shaming. Unfortunately, when we say “I” ~this externally-created identity is what we refer to.

To fully embody our purpose, to own our self-authority and value, to manifest the life our soul desires demands that we shed this false layer of identity.

Like the caterpillar, we must turn to mush.

We must die to the self we believe we are.

We must release our current identity.

Only then can we achieve the metamorphosis that will transform us into our Dream, into the embodiment of our life purpose and the actualization of our highest potential.

Myrrh represents death, and in this case that death is the beginning of a new life. Archetypically death is seen as a cycle of life, death and rebirth. It is a transformation.

Open your heart to receive the Myrrh from the young Balthazar.

As you are anointed with myrrh, release your Old Self. Release the old story you’ve been carrying ~that story in which you are the victim, in which you are not enough, in which you cannot possibly be all that, have all that, receive or give all that. Let it die.

As you release your “caterpillar” identity, shift your inner eyes. Fix your vision in the ways in which you are perfect for your purpose right now, just as you are. Rewrite your story to be the inspiring, heroic story of a protagonist who has faced many challenges, who was inflicted with deep, painful wounds; and who has overcome these challenges and transmuted these wounds into her Personal Medicines.

This transformation at the identity level is the foundation that will enable you to manifest your dreams in 2015.


Frankincense: the Gift of Belief, Faith and Co-creation with the Divine

To shed your identity you must have faith.

Faith that you are a drop of divinity falling into this world for a purpose.

Faith that you are not alone and separate, that The Divine supports you.

Faith that no matter how insignificant you are in the great scheme of things, you can make a big difference, you can be part of the solution, you can influence the evolution of life.

You must believe this in every cell of your body.

You must believe this, though you have been told for years that your gifts don’t matter, that you are not much, that you are a disappointment, that you will not amount to much, that you don’t have what it takes, that you are not enough.

You must believe this in spite of having believed all the judgments above.

How is this possible? How can you hold the belief in your own sacredness while carrying the beliefs of your own insignificance?

You need to be able to release your Tiny Self and embrace your Divine I Am. You need to connect to Divine Source and feel the infinite, all powerful nature of your Sacred Self. You must be part of the God Team. You must be a willing instrument for the Divine to heal and evolve the universe.

The more you shift your attention, energy and emotions towards this infinite, Sacred Self that is co-creating with the Divine, the more you shake off the learned limitations and judgments that are keeping you from embodying your potential.

Faith is the second gift that the Magi bring, and the reason is simple. Without it, you cannot assume your sacred magnitude and altitude.

In some versions of the Three Magi story, it is Melchior, a middle-aged magi from Arabia, who brings frankincense.

As oil, Frankincense is also known as Oil of Lebanon, and it has been used as a spiritual offering and to cleanse and elevate the higher chakras for meditation and prayer. Yet this gift transcends the spiritual realm, integrating physical health, emotions and even beauty into its bequest.

It is fitting that the middle-age Magi is attributed as bringing this gift, for Frankincense is used to support the immune system. It is also a valuable ingredient in skin care products for aging and dry skin.

Today, we know through chemistry that frankincense contains 8% sesquiterpenes that stimulate the part of the brain that controls emotions. That is why it has been used for centuries to help focus the mind and overcome stress and despair. It also contains 78% monoterpenes, known to be calming and restorative.

Open your mind to receive the gift of Frankincense.

As you are smudged with Frankincense incense and massaged with its oil, receive Divinity into yourself. Feel that you are only a drop of divinity that has fallen onto earth; yet the divine drop you are is holographic and contains all the elements of the universe and all the power of creation.

Know that you are not alone. That you are connected to Source and through source, you have infinite channels to fund, support, nurture and manifest your mission, purpose and potential.

Receive the health, strength and inner peace and the boundless energy you need to manifest your destiny directly from Divine Source.


Gold: the Gift of Creation, Self-authority, Value and Material Existence

It is said that Caspar was the eldest of the Magi. He had a long white beard and was the King of Tarsus, land of merchants on the Mediterranean coast of modern Turkey. He bore the gift of gold and was the first to kneel at the feet of baby Jesus.

I love this detail of the story because it blows a fuse in many minds.

“What do you mean, that the richest of the magi, the one bearing gold, was the first to kneel to Christ? Isn’t money bad? Aren’t’ spirituality and money at war?” you may be thinking.

Or perhaps what rocks your boat is that a king, a leader, an authority figure, is the first one at Jesus fit. If you have a believe that you must be “humble” and by that means selfless, not owning your power or authority, self-effacing; then you will be shaken by this gift.

Finally, if you have cultivated your spirituality at the expense of your physicality, feeling that material things are below you, then this gift will shake off this attitude.

If you are struggling with these Inner Wars or polarities, Gold is the gift for you.

The metal gold never corrodes or tarnishes. It is entirely non-toxic and exhibits no interactions with other drugs.

Gold is the only heavy metal that has a “right-hand atomic spin” and is therefore easily tolerated by the body.

This mystical metal has been used for both spiritual and medical purposes as far back as ancient Egypt more than 5,000 years ago.

In short, gold represents the spiritual purification of matter and material perfection.

The ancients believed that gold in the body worked by stimulating the chi (life force) and raising the level of vibration on all levels.

If you think that all of this is superstitious nonsense, you are in for a surprise!

Paracelsus, the Swiss-German Renaissance physician and alchemist, developed many highly successful treatments from metallic minerals including gold. But the list does not stop there.

  • Today, gold netting is used in surgery to patch damaged blood vessels, nerves, bones, and membranes.
  • Modern physicians inject microscopic gold to help retard prostate cancer in men and women with ovarian cancer are treated with gold solutions.
  • Gold vapor lasers seek out and destroy cancerous cells without harming their healthy neighbors or give new life to patients with once inoperable heart conditions and tumors.
  • One experimental new gold compound blocks virus replication in infected cells and is being tested for the treatment of AIDS.
  • By attaching a molecular marker to a microscopic piece of gold, scientists can follow its movement through the body. For this reason, some researchers are placing gold on DNA to study the hybrid genetic material in cells, while others are using it to determine how cells respond to toxins, heat and physical stress.
  • Because it is biologically benign and easy to trace, biochemists use gold to form compounds with proteins to create new lifesaving drugs.


Gold is truly the perfection of the metals. Its versatility in the realms of health rivals only its value in the world of wealth. It was used until the other day as the basic value of wealth.

Consider this: Gold cannot be duplicated as mass cannot be created or destroyed. Gold is not even created by the Earth. In fact, gold is rare on Earth in part because it’s also rare in the universe. Unlike elements like carbon or iron, it cannot be created within a planet or star. Instead, it must be born in a huge universal cataclysmic event, like the collision of two neutron stars – the dead cores of stars that exploded as supernovae.

Now you can see that the gold you may have owned or rejected as a “material” treasure is also a rare creation in the universe.

Some stories say that Mary and Joseph used the gold Caspar gave them to finance their travels as they escaped King Herodes’ child massacres.

Would it have occurred to you that the Divine Child needed funding?

For a long time the value of gold at any given time established the value of money. The same can be said about your self-value and your willingness to own your self-authority, expertise and contributions.

You can only consciously add value to the world when you are conscious of the value you bring.

Though gold cannot be created, I link it to the gift of creation because creation is also a channeling, a burst of divine revelation and inspiration that flows through your genius to be manifested on earth. Graciously acknowledging this, frees your imagination to create.

Open your body and your imagination to receive the gift of gold from the Magi.

As you are showered in gold, open your imagination to receive funding and support for your mission and purpose. You do not “get” your money from your job. You do not “make” your money from your business or craft. Those are only channels. You receive funding directly from Divine Source through infinite channels.

You do not control these channels. You take action, work, give value and create funnels through which cash and resources may flow to you. But these funnels are not the source. Recognize and connect directly to the source, and these channels will overflow with abundance every day.

As you are injected, invested, infused and adorned in gold, open your physical and energy body to receive the beauty, radiance, vibration and transformation that allows you to embrace your perfection.

Know that you are perfect for your purpose just as you are right now.

When you deeply know this, when you feel this in your heart, in every cell in your body, you realize that you ARE your dream right now. You stand in the power of your presence in the world. You embody your purpose right now, right where you are.

That is my blessing and my wish for you for the coming year.


Happy Holidays

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

ShamansDance Publishing & Productions



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