Sep 192018
Shifting from Fear to Faith in the Midst of Adversity

Reading Time: 3 minutes Shifting from Fear to Faith in the Midst of Adversity In a private FB group to which I belong I was deeply moved by a woman going through so many problems compiled by environmental disasters and tipped by the troublesome political climate to the point that –even when she had great faith, a faith I could feel deep in her core—she was feeling desperate, fragmented and gripped by fear for herself, her family and her community. Let us call her Mary. If you are going through multiple problems while feeling the pressure of these scary, troubled times getting to you so that you are losing your center of serenity, this is for you with love. ~~~~ Beautiful Mary, I feel the fear in you and I feel the faith in you. I send a prayer for you to shift from fear to faith with ease and grace. As I hear you describing what is going on in your life –the adversity, disease, financial insecurity, compiled with environmental disasters in your region and overwhelming political transgressions to our democracy, I see [Read more.]

May 262011

Reading Time: < 1 minute Thursdays for peace: Chaos is what happens. Harmony is what I am. (To use this affirmation as a mantra, read more.) Mantras have great power because: 1. They re-structure your emotional vibration. 2. They reinforce your Free-choice thoughts vs. learned or habitual unconscious thoughts that may intercept your intent To do mantra or affirmation follow these steps. 1. Inhale deeply as you think this. You can place your hand in your heart to “receive” the meaning into your body and soul. 2. Exhale as you speak it out loud. The volume is not as important as the strength of the vibration, and this depends on your focus and your ability to bring your body and emotions into it. 3. Repeat three times. 4.  You can sing it for the extra power of vibrations. Create a jingle with a good beat. Jingles operate powerfully in the subconscious. Hear the structural beat. Cha-os-is-what-happens- Har-mo-ny’is-what-I-am. 5. Elongate the “M” at the end.When using chanting and sound for healing and transformation, the “m” sound brings the meaning and vibration back into your body, so [Read more.]

May 252011
Kali's blessings: chaos, destruction and crisis

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tuesday Tip: Chaos, disaster and crisis are the territory of Kali. This includes the chaos of divorce, moving, all types of break-ups, infestations and environmental disasters, home disaster and things that are breaking all over the place. Think of those moments as painful birthing experiences. Read Extended Tip to find out what to do. What to do? Talk with Kali. L-I-S-T-E-N. Let her show you what needs to die and why. Surrender and discover what is being birthed from the chaos. Consider the following: What needs to die? What do I need to let go? What garbage must be thrown out, including the garbage in my mind, house, habits and relationships? What clarity needs to enter to dispel chaos? What is essential to me now? What has changed in my life without me realizing it that demands a new order? How have I created this situation and how, in transforming it, do I grow? When there are incidents of home infestation, clutter, moving or things breaking up, track down two aspects of these manifestations: How these are metaphors of what [Read more.]

Jun 122009

Reading Time: 3 minutes The real tragedy of Drama Queens By Maria Mar(c) When you are trapped in your habitual Soap Opera Dramas, you are self-involved to the point that you miss sight of three vital things: your surroundings, other people and your goals. Here is the real tragedy of the Drama Queen. 1. She wastes precious emotional fuel going around in circles. 2. She wastes time and resources going around in circles. 3. She alienates allies, healthy peers and healthy partners with her self-involved, ineffective and habitual dysfunctional scripts. 4. She leaks prosperity, loses clients and wastes money. 5. She adopts the pose of an ineffective, disorganized and unprofessional woman. 6. She fails to see how she is creating stress in those around her. 7. She misrepresents her business or capacity and creates situations where she will not be promoted or hired. 8. She dumps her toxic drama on her loved ones and creates terrible stress on her family, especially her partner and children. 9. She repels her children and partner, who need to move away from her in order to grow and [Read more.]