May 252010
Are you a slave to your limitations?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Are you a Slave to your Limitations? By Maria Mar(c)2010 Inside you there is a great leader, a wise expert and gorgeous diva. She is waiting for you to remove the limited beliefs and secret mantras that run through your mind, hiding her from your own view. Your true Act of Power is not to convince others or to show your power to the world. It is to find this power within you and embrace it. Once you do, you become a force of nature. Nothing can stop this force. Not “what they say.” Not any obstacle on your way. Nothing. The only one stopping your power is YOU! Maria Mar The Dream Alchemist Do you crown your limitations, becoming their loyal slave? Many of us are enslaved to our opinions, confusing what we think with who we are. This confusion leads us to defend our opinions as if they were the very essence of our identity. In this scenario, anyone who holds a different view is perceived as a thread to our existence. If you are crowning your learned [Read more.]

Mar 162010
Art, Poem and invitation to Celebrate Women's History Month 2010

Reading Time: 4 minutes Cannot see the graphics? See web version A poem, art and invitation to celebrate the closure of Women’s History Month Discover your Untapped Possibilities Break the Fences in your Mind No. 1 of the Break Free from What Holds you Back Online Event Series with Maria Mar FOR WOMEN ONLY Endless Possibilities They rush by at the speed of light. Invisible. Inaudible. A flash. Almost a memory. And they are gone. I could not see them before. They were like crazy cars bumping against my choices. Derailing my desires. But I neither heard nor saw them, though they were jamming the pathways of my mind. There were other forces in that secluded mindscape. They sat there, like fences. Doing nothing but blocking the view. I did not see those either. They showed up, however. When I tried to see the beauty just beyond my reach. The colors of a landscape for which my Soul longed so much it hurt. The crazy cars and the fences kept my mind racing inside stagnation, while I drove my will like a madwoman, trying [Read more.]

Feb 102010
Walk out of your Family Karma and Step into your Dream

Reading Time: 6 minutes Walk out of your Family Karma and Step into your Dream Maria Mar Love is the air under our wings. It uplifts us. It frees us. It supports us. It makes it safe to explore and fly. It nests us when we return. Part 1 What is your Inheritance? When love is unconditional, it is the greatest ally to our dreams. It gives us the power to move mountains. Unfortunately, for many of us born to fly, love seems to be the chain around our talon and the weight crushing our wings. Many of us hold back from our true potential for fear of being rejected by those we love. Even more of us are held back from our dreams by the false beliefs and negative patterns secretly inherited from those we love. Love vs. Fear Love moves the world, but only when it is unconditional. Unfortunately, few of us practice unconditional love. There is secret war going on in many families right now. It is a war between freedom and love. To fly, love needs freedom. Fear, however creates [Read more.]