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Jul 242009
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Raising the Prosperity Ceiling

Are you bumping against your Prosperity Ceiling?

Are you bumping against your Prosperity Ceiling?

Are you held down by your Prosperity Ceiling? This is the maximum amount of money and the default prosperity exchange that you are able to receive emotionally for your work.

The Prosperity Ceiling is your hidden, unconscious expectation about prosperity. The Prosperity Ceiling was created in your emotional space during early childhood and adolescence. No matter how hard you chase your own vision of prosperity, if you do not break this invisible ceiling, you will stay within its parameters.

If you grew up in an environment where the money people earned came from exchanging dollar for hours and working for somebody else, chances are that this environment became part of your Prosperity Ceiling. It may be emotionally connected with safety, security, stability and survival.

In this case, working for yourself may evoke terror. It may feel as too risky. Perhaps you have seen that working for someone else does not go well with you. You are fiercely independent. You have a clear life purpose. You  hold your freedom in high regard. These are the qualities of an entrepreneur. Knowing this, you create your own business or work as a free-lance or consultant. Everything finally falls into place.

But the Prosperity Ceiling you inherited says that the choice you’ve made is too risky. Your learned beliefs hold that if you choose independence, you will not be stable, that your survival may be at stake and you will not make as much money. In this case, your free-choice is at war with your Prosperity Ceiling.

This hidden belief may have zipped into your conscious mind. You may hold it as a fact. In this case, you have an expectation of instability and of earning less money because of your choice. The Universe will respond, as it always does, by fulfilling your expectations.

The hidden belief, however, may have remained in your unconscious. In this case, you may consciously believe that you can acquire greater wealth doing what you want as an independent business or consultant. You are determined to create wealth through your choice. But your unconscious has different expectations. It is holding on to the Prosperity Ceiling and will not allow you to surpass it.

If you realize that your prosperity dreams are crashing against your Prosperity Ceiling, here’s the recipe to Raise the Ceiling.


Break the limits of your Prosperity Ceiling!

Break the limits of your Prosperity Ceiling!

Step 1: Examine and release your Inner War

Track down what goals and values are at war within you. If you are at war, you are wasting your energy running from one extreme to the other, from one value to its opposite, and you won’t move ahead.

Examples of Inner Wars:

  • prosperity vs. freedom
  • goodness vs. money
  • acceptance vs. wealth
  • power vs. love
  • security vs. independence

2. Examine and release your Inner Crusades.

Are you in a holy war against values or realities that you attach to wealth or success? You can’t have money if you hate it. You won’t have money if you think it’s bad.

Examples of Inner Crusades:

  • Capitalism is bad and all capitalists are thiefs.
  • Wealthy people are selfish people who stock money and don’t contribute to others’ life.
  • Poor people are good and honest. They are MY people.
  • BIG money enslaves you and is the enemy of your freedom.
  • BIG money means corruption.

3. Examine your emotional resonance in connection to wealth.

The Prosperity Ceiling may not be obvious. You may think that you believe that you have a right to be wealthy and happy. But your Emotional Undertow may be swimming with fear and toxic beliefs around money that you are not aware of. Many people who grew up poor HATE money. That’s right. They want it. They are hungry for it, but they HATE it. In their Emotional Undertow, money is a father that abandoned them, leaving them to their fate. Money is what the OTHERS have that they don’t. Money is their enemy.

Unless you become aware of your emotions and the vibrational frequency they create, you may not realize that your Emotional Undertow is pulling you away from the shores of your dreams of prosperity.

  1. Hold the largest bill you have available on your hands while seating comfortably.
  2. Breathe deeply and slowly for about 5 minutes, emptying your mind and simply looking at the bill.
  3. Become aware of the vibration your body is emitting. It may feel as a buzz or spiraling of energy in and around you. It may sound like a far away radio frequency.
  4. Seat quietly listening to it.
  5. Imagine that the bill multiplies. If it was a $10 bill, visualize that it is now a $100 bill.
  6. Listen to the vibrational frequency. How does it change? Is it becoming stronger and more harmonious, or more dissonant and violent?
  7. Imagine again that the bill multiples, so that the $100 bill is not $1,000.
  8. Go back to feeling the vibrational frequency.
  9. Keep raising the amount of the bill and observing how the frequency changes.
  10. Your Prosperity Ceiling creates dissonance in your vibrational frequency, as defensive emotions and deeply imbedded beliefs rear their ugly heads to repel and fight greater abundance.

Know how low or high is your Prosperity Ceiling. Use the following practices daily to increase your threshold everyday.

  • Affirmations
  • Meditation
  • Emotional Release
  • Active Receiving
  • Energy work (yoga, tai chi, pranic healing, acupuncture, etc.)

With steady work, you will be able to Raise your Prosperity Ceiling.

Does this help? Please let me know! I welcome your comments.

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