Nov 112019
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I created this poem and collage art during a magical marketing journey guided by Diane Douiyssi. See more at the bottom.

To: Diane Douiyssi. Thanks for your guidance

In front of you there is an open hand.
Watch as the lines in that hand move,
forming a beautiful radiant heart.
Slowly a five-pointed star emerges

From that heart, illuminating your being.
And from that warm, golden light
a beautiful fuchsia rose unfolds.
Its fragrance awakens the wisdom of your heart.

The rose in the star now speaks to you.

“I am the Alchemical Rose,
Sent here to open your eyes
to the potent elixir you hold in your heart
and the magical power you hold in your hands.

Open your hands and look closely.
All those lines were edged with your pain,
your choices and your courage.
They are your wisdom, gifts, talents, experience and skills.
They grant you the ability
to dip the brush of your perception
into the palette of your being
and paint with it the life and work you want.

I stretch my open hand in invitation.
Hold it.
I will take you into a journey
where your hands reveal
the wisdom of your heart.

Watch as the magic of your hand and heart
creates colors, shapes and textures
that nourish your soul.

Feel how your pain shows up
as the movement towards your freedom.
You now gather your gifts
and express the radiance of your essence.

Feel your heart overflowing with joy
as you embody your very essence
in your service to the world.
Feel freedom flow through you
as you unfold your magnificence like the rose.

From your distinctive being
you gracefully emanate
your unique healing essence,
awakening the love that heals each heart
while you pollinate the world with love and beauty.

You are no longer fragmented.
No piece of your soul is discarded.
All your gifts, values and experience
come together in a wholesome design
that empowers you to embody your purpose.

As we play with our hands
And talk with our hearts, discover this…

You are the alchemist
of your life and work.
You transmute the lead of your pain
into the gold of your Personal Power.

You emanate your healing essence
to nourish the souls that need your gifts.
You transform those gifts into a bridge
that brings them to their brilliant destiny.

Together we grow and create the world we want
You and I and all those we touch…
we make Butterfly Waves that change the currents
of this world and create a world
of peace, beauty and freedom for all.”

And now the Alchemical Rose is silent.

Her open petals are an invitation.
My open hand awaits…

Will you join this journey?

Maria Mar
New York, September 10, 2019

This poem and the collage art that accompanies it were created following the Soul Program Essence journey designed by Diane Douiyssi at

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Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.