Jun 072015
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My birthday week is coming to an end.
Tomorrow I’ll be 65 years young!


The last “Birthday Giveaway Cake” I’m baking this week is the Magic Stories Birthday Cake.


The “Birthday Giveaway Cake” above shows you all the magic stories, audios and transformational books that I’m including in my Birthday Giveaway, many of them with valuable free bonuses…. all at 50% discount!


  • FictionNEW novel, Angelina & the Law of Attraction and a new ecological fantasy Song of the Ocean –both at 50% discount in multiple digital format for ALL your devices! (And a $5 discount for the print version of the novel, too.) Plus a Book Bonus Package!
  • Nonfiction: Get my personal growth books especially written for women at half the price.
  • Get my most powerful shamanic audio journeys, sliced to half the price.


By the way, do you like my Magic Stories Cake?



Do you know that The Success Seed Audio Meditations were the shamanic journeys that helped me to clarify my life purpose and to understand my life journey as a Life Purpose Blueprint.. with ease a grace… and they are so relaxing! Even today they are my most powerful audio shamanic journeys…


at 50% discount!




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