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Sep 042014
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Manifesting? Look Under the rug


Cleaning House - Sweep It Under The Rug!The phrase “to sweep under the rug” refers to hiding something embarrassing, to place it out of view.

Not only we hide what we want —our dreams, desires, what makes us happy, even our goals– and keep on keeping on in an ordinary routine of life. We also hide the Essence of what we truly want.

One of the places where I see this more often is in people’s obsession with making more money.

There’s a popular attitude among many coaches and business people that if you really want to get clients, find a way in which your offer can make them more money.

And the fact is that making money is one of the top money-making topics, right there with losing weight.

In both areas, the essential desire is often swept under the rug.

Here’s what I mean.

I want Money!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting money.

However, from a shamanic perspective if you focus your manifestation in making money or making more money, you don’t have the Essence of what you want. Your manifestation is likely to fail or to fail when it succeeds.

The Essence of what you want is rarely money.

To look under the rug of your desire for money, ask yourself these three questions:

  • Why do I want more money?
  • What quality of life, what activities, relationships or experience do I want that money would allow me to enjoy?
  • What do I want to feel from those experiences?

Money is only a tool, a resource. It is a resource or tool for what you want to manifest.

Knowing this is important because resources and tools are magnetized as part of the flow that comes from the time-space continuum when you send your broadcast.

But by itself a tool does not have the soul-strength or the Purpose Muscle to send a powerful broadcast into The Field.


Money Under the Rug:  Level 1-Life Goals

Let’s say however, that you want money because:

  • You want to send your children to college,
  • Pay off the bills and stop living hand to mouth,
  • Ensure that your old age is taken care of, or
  • Buy a larger house where your family has enough space and is not cramped.

These goals or desires have a stronger magnetic factor in your manifestation because they contain immediate emotional fuel and they are about something you care strongly about. This will move you deeply and will send a strong broadcast into The Field.

Money Under the Rug:  Level 2-The Heart of the Desire

However, even these types of goals may not be the Essence of what you want. If you ask your Sacred Heart to rephrase these money goals, for example, it may say something like this:

  • I want my children to have the opportunities to be successful, free and financially independent that I did not have.
  • I want Inner Peace knowing that my finances are taken care of on a daily or monthly basis and not to jump when the phone rings, afraid it’s a debtor.
  • I want to ensure that I can continue a good quality of life when I can no longer work as I’m doing now; that I have a home, food, shelter and fun money and I am not reduced to poverty.
  • I want each of my family members to have the space to do what they love while the collective lives in harmony; so that my teenage son can play the drums without bothering others, my partner can have a yoga studio without being interrupted by our comings and goings and I can have a shop for my hobby without having to pick things up every day for other usages. That’s room to grow for all of us while we live in harmony.


Money Under the Rug:  Level 3-The Soul of the Desire

And even then, if you ask your Soul to jump in, it may surprise you by bringing your life purpose and a bigger why into the picture:

  • I want my children to be free to choose the path they want without being slaves to working just to survive. I want them to thrive, feeling fulfilled because they are doing what they love and contributing to this world.
  • I want to heal my relationship with money and connect to the infinite source of abundance in the universe, so that I never again feel fear or scarcity in my finances.
  • I want to live a productive old age, where I can contribute to humanity until my last days, and I want to feel that I matter until my last breath.
  • I want each member of my family to have room to grow while we live in harmony. I want our home to be the place where they are supported to thrive and express their potential.

Do you feel the difference?

Your Soul will connect you with the deepest level of your desire; the one that relates to your Divine I am, your purpose and your BIG Why.

Money Under the Rug:  Supercharge your Money Manifestation

The way that these desires are expressed in this last list includes the strongest elements in your Broadcast to The Field:

  • Emotional magnetic charge
  • Soul Imprint (Your soul blueprint with your life lessons and purpose)
  • Life Purpose (Your BIG WHY that trascends your tiny self and connects to Oneness)

Engage these elements in your manifestation and the universe will hear you loud and clear.


Go Thrive!

So go for your goals and desires, by all means. I want you to be happy. You deserve it.

But look under the rug.

You will find that we often phrase our goals and desires in ways that are popular, but superficial.

You are a unique being. Your Soul wants something that expresses that uniqueness, that special way to love, care for, serve and self-express that is only yours. It also wants you to feel fulfilled because you are living your purpose and tapping into your potential.

All of that tends to be swept under the rug with the shame and limitations of your Domestication Trance.

There are so many things that we are told are not realistic, not practical, not possible or not acceptable as we are growing up!

Shame is often brought into our dreams and talents, especially if they are different. Dead ends are raised in front of our goals and dreams simply because our parents may not be able to dream as big.

As a result of this learned limitations you may be articulating your goals and desires in ways that are too tiny for your real, expansive, expressive self-fulfilling desire.

Once you free the Essence and Greatness of what you desire you achieve mental and spiritual clarity, activate your Soul Imprint, and magnetize it with an emotional supercharge.

You also tap into Oneness because your purpose is a co-creation with the universe, so now you have Oneness making waves for you!

This gives you the equivalent of rocket fuel in your manifestation broadcast.

So look under the rug. Go deep. Allow your Sacred Heart and your Soul to guide you in the clarity and quality of the Essence of what you desire.




I’d love to hear what you have to say! Leave a comment below.

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Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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