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Dec 102013
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If you look at your problem and don’t know how to solve it because you don’t know the source… work backwards.

To work backwards from the situation to the source, understand how the universe listens.

In terms of your personal life, the universe or the Divine Intelligence that creates is your co-creation partner. It collaborates with you to help you create what you want in a way that benefits the Great Circle of Life.

~ So how does the Universe works with you? It gets its clues from you.

~ So how come it’s not giving you what you want?

Because the Universe does not listen to your affirmations just ’cause you say them. It does not answer your prayers just ’cause you utter them. It does not read your wish list either.

Your Intention is created in your Soul, not like your will power, which is created in your mind and connects to your Solar Plexus chakra. Your Intention is a heart and soul force.

~ “But I have this dream in my heart,” you protest. “It comes from my very Soul.”

It may very well come from the deepest layers of your Soul. But where is it going?

The universe listens to the Intention rising from your Soul, but to know how to deliver it, the Universe looks to find where you are placing your attention.

Every day you may do affirmations, meditate and do tasks to manifest your dream or express your gifts. But every day you may be habitually placing your attention in what you fear, in negative expectations, in what you lack, in the problem instead of the solution, and so on. The distractions may not seem much, but together, over the course of days, they alter the route of your Intention, throwing the Universe off by enough that the results are disappointing.

“The film “Longitude” tells the story of John Harrison who, in the 18th Century, was trying to invent a clock that would stay accurate on the turbulent open seas, so ships could pinpoint their longitude and accurately navigate their seaward journeys. At one point, his clock was losing only around a second per day. Someone remarked that this seemed very accurate, but Harrison replied that over a long trans-Atlantic journey from Britain to the Bahamas, this slight anomaly would eventually drive them 500 miles off course.” Lynn Serafinn


In this quote from Lynn Serafinn’s blog, you can gauge what happens when you are off course.

How do you get off course? How do you send the universe in the wrong direction? Through your attention.

  • If your attention is in what you DON’T want, that’s where the Universe will go, and fetch you more of the same.
  • If your attention is in fear of your negative expectations coming to fruition, your universe will bring more of those.
  • If your attention is in staying safe in your Comfort Zone and habits, you’ll get more of the same, and stay in a rut.
  • If you are attached to negativity, defensiveness, poverty, caretaking others, being the victim and other patterns that you may not really recognize, that’s what’s guiding the universe. No wonder it’s off course!

If you want the Universe to bring you what you want, place your attention in your dream so vividly, joyfully and passionately, that you become that frequency. Then you will BE your dream in no time!





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Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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