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Mar 222017
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The Dream Alchemist TV Show

How can you find your creative gifts
if you don’t see them right now?

In this Q&A episode, Maria Mar answers this question to Jeffrey:

If I have a creative gift within me that has yet to be manifested, what is that gift?

In this episode, Maria takes you step by step through 4 ways in which you can discover, unleash and express your creative gifts and potential.

Feel free to post your own question or leave your comment below.

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Written Summary

There are several ways to detect creative gifts that may be invisible to you right now.
  1. Desire/longing
  2. Envy/admiration
  3. Complaint/lack
  4. Tracking/interviewing

Below I give you a basic description of each of these tracks and share some examples from my life (my teaching trademark is “show, don’t tell).


Desire and delight are the ways in which your Soul guides you to fulfill your potential. When you love to do something, when you are blissed out as you engage in some hobby, practice or activity or when you have a strong desire to do something, this indicates that it is a potential gift in you.

In this case, you desire that you would have that gift. You say things like “I wish I could paint/write/play an instrument/sing” or you have a secret longing to be able to engage in that.

My Show Don’t Tell!

Ever since I was young, I used to love seeing people drum and I secretly longed I could do it. At the time there were few women drummers, so I had an unconscious learned belief that I could not do it. During my Personal Freedom training I went to South Africa (where every other person drums, LOL) so I bought a djembe and began to drum just for fun. After several months, I had gotten the nag of it. When I came back to the USA I took djembe classes. Now I can drum for celebration, shamanic journeys and in my performances. I’m not a professional drummer, but that is not my goal. My goal was to be able to drum, and now I can.

This example shows that a strong desire or deep longing is our Soul’s expression. It lets us know that we have that potential, gift or purpose within us, waiting to be expressed if we only give ourselves permission to do it.

What to do?

If this is true, then you need to awaken that gift.

The way to awaken that gift is to play, to experiment, to do it for yourself, just for fun and to give yourself permission to have fun and experience delight as you do it. Forget about being perfect!



You see people who are expressing that creative gift and you feel envy or a strong bitter-sweet admiration that is mixed with longing or a bit of envy or hunger. We tend to judge certain emotions and call them negative, but they have their use. Envy is an indicator that the person is doing, being, experiencing or creating something that our Soul longs to do.

My Show Don’t Tell!

When I was a young poet/writer, most anthologies were produced by men and had few women in them. I was frustrated and furious. Sometimes I would envy writers who were published and thought things like “I’m as good or better than them. It’s not fair that they get their books published.” As I stopped focusing on the problem and started focusing on the solution, I found women who were creating anthologies for female writers, and I was featured in these books. Then I empowered myself and stopped giving away my power and realized that I had the power to be published. When digital publishing and self-publishing came about, I created my own publishing company and I now self-publish. Now I have dozens of books and products published.

As you can see in this example, envy/admiration usually point to a belief that we cannot do something, that are not good enough or as good as others or indicates that we are giving away our power to others by not taking action on our own behalf.

What to do?

In this case, you need to own that gift.

A good way to own that gift is to use the person you envy/admire as a model. For example, I admire Maya Angelou because she has many of my own talents and she fully realized them. So I copy her biography and used it as a template to develop my own biography. As I did, I was amazed at seeing myself in a bigger light and realizing how much I had developed my talents. Go ahead, follow that person who’s doing what you want to do. Choose someone who has your own personality and talents that you have or want to explore; someone who is offering the legacy you want to leave in this world. Copy/paste their bio. Use it as a template to create your own bio, adapting it to your own situation and gifts. If you have no or little experience, then use it as a template to create the bio you want to fulfill in 3 to 5 years. Doing this will clarify you mentally and emotionally and you will be surprised as to what you already have or can do. (However, do NOT compare yourself to that person. Compare yourself to where you were before.)



Check the things you often complaint you can’t do or have no talent for. A recurrent complaint or a feeling of lack indicates a repressed talent or gift.

My Show Don’t Tell!

I was always complaining that the only thing I could do with my hands was to write. I complaint that I could not draw or do visual arts. I truly believed this. During my healing process, I was guided to use all arts to track down my emotional wounds and alchemize them into Personal Medicine. I began to use drawing and painting. Because I gave myself permission to do it just for myself, without expectation of it having to be good ~as I wasn’t showing it to others; I began to draw, paint, do collages and other forms of visual art. The more I did it the more I retrieved and cultivated the talent, until I am now a visual artist.

A complaint or lack usually indicates that you have inherited or created a limiting story that does not allow you to see that gift in you. You feel a lack not because you don’t have it, but because you have it and are not experiencing it.

What to do?

In this case, those gifts need to be reclaimed.

To reclaim those gifts, you start by playing, experimenting and trying them just for yourself. As you begin to see and experience that you can do them, you then can go on to taking classes and joining others. Make sure that you recognize judgment and labels in your limiting story that are distorting your perception and stealing that gift. Shift into play mode. As you do the gift, you gain confidence. Refocus from lack to living it up! Your wonder, curiosity, enthusiasm, passion and disposition are often more important than your level of expertise. As you look at what you have lived, acknowledge what you have learned. How has experience enriched your gifts or expertise? How can you bring more of what you want to do into your life right now? Then just do it.


Sometimes the limiting stories we carry ~like me believing I could not drum or draw ~or our lack of experience~ makes our gifts so invisible or hidden that we don’t even know we long for them. We develop Blind Spots that make our own gifts invisible to us. This also happens with gifts that we’ve grown but have not recognized yet.

It is a good practice to reflect on your Personal History using journal writing, art journaling or other media that you find attractive. Reflect on the choices you’ve made, the skills you have developed, the wounds you have healed, the challenges you have overcome. Recognize the places you like to visit, the things you like to do, the gifts your friends have, the leaders, artists and heroes you admire. As you do, your hidden skills, gifts and talents will come to the foreground.

Another way of bringing these gifts to the foreground is to interview your friends. Choose positive people who value you and ask them what gifts, talents, skills and value they observe in you.

My Show Don’t Tell!

During my training as a business woman I learned branding, packaging, marketing and other skills I needed, but they were new and hard to incorporate. Even though I was still learning and often struggling, I had become excellent in packaging and had a natural talent that made it easy and quick for me to see how a particular talent, creation or purpose could be embodied into a service or product. I did not realize this until some of my friends asked me for advice and I began to get excellent feedback and thanks for helping them package and embody their gifts.

As you see there are skills, acquired talents, expertise and gifts that emerge as we grow that need to be acknowledged, valued and redefined.

What to do?

In this case, those gifts need to be acknowledged

To acknowledge your invisible gifts, you need to bring them into your consciousness through a different perception of your life and yourself. In a way you are upgrading your identity to reflect your growth. Otherwise, you may stay as the eternal student even though you now may have an intermediate, advance or even mastery level in a skill, talent or expertise. In this case, reflection and feedback are excellent practices to bring these hidden gifts to the foreground.


As you see that same dissatisfaction that plagues you is the signal that you DO have that gift and your soul is restless to explore it. Transform that dissatisfaction into conscious creative expression by first engaging in the creative activity or gift through playful exploration for yourself. Then when you are ready join others or share your creations. Finally, take classes to develop your skills. Before you know it, the hidden or disowned gift will be your creative mastery.

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They are the enemies of your creative potential.”]


I hope this helps.



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Thanks again for asking. I love to hear from my Tribe!


From my Magical Heart to your Beautiful Soul,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist



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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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