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Use Your Gifts Towards a Higher Calling  Series

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STEP 3: Transmute the WALL into a BRIDGE

Eliminating the negatives does not mean to be in denial or to become a Positive Polly (Pollyanna).

Shamans understand that perception creates reality. The reason you are seeing an insurmountable wall is not because there is a wall or it is in fact, insurmountable. Your beliefs and learned limitations are interpreting your circumstances right now and BUILDING this wall.

That’s why you don’t have to take a hammer to it or stay imprisoned behind it. There is a third option. BEND the wall into a Bridge.

To do this, first you need to let go of the negative interpretations that are painting your situation as an obstacle. By assuming responsibility as a creator, you BEND the wall toward you.

You say “this has to do with me, I’m creating this.”

The second way you BEND the wall is precisely by bending your perception.

“If I an creating this with my interpretation and learned limitations, how  can I create something different? How can I see this differently?”

Here’s an example of BENDING the WALL to make a BRIDGE using the problem our new friend is facing:

[WALL is in these brackets] and {BRIDGE is in these brackets}

I want to use my poems to transform people’s stories, [BUT I don’t hear the music in my poetry.]

BEND the WALL to

I want to use my poems to transform people’s stories, {THEREFORE I will take music classes.}


I want to use my poems to transform people’s stories, {THEREFORE I will start playing with my poems, singing them out loud and then tweaking them until I train myself to hear their melody.}


I want to use my poems to transform people’s stories, {THEREFORE I will pay for a musician to work with me to help me hear and polish the music in my poems.}

What happens if you don’t really feel that you can BEND the wall, though you are willing to try? What happens if none of the solutions you come up seem real to you or nothing works? Are you stuck behind the WALL?

Not at all. What this means is that you need expert help.

You don’t take a hammer and try to break the wall because your mind will increase the resistance. Instead you ACCEPT the WALL and the BEND it by seeking help to BEND it! (Nice trick, eh?)

This is how it looks:

“I want to use my poems to transform people’s stories, [BUT I can’t feel any solution offered as real and have trouble believing I can do it] {THEREFORE I am engaging a life coach/spiritual teacher/shaman/etc. to help me BEND the wall into a BRIDGE by supporting me in discovering how I’m holding the wall in place and imagining and exploring how I can BEND it.}

You don’t have to take a hammer to the wall, because the wall is just a projection.

What you do is you BEND the wall. You BEND it towards yourself, so that you bring that obstacle back to your own creative powers and find out what IN you is creating that wall.

You BEND it by bending your  perception. BEND the wall towards your inner world. The wall will BEND into a bridge!

Remember… it was presented by the universe as a bridge. Your interpretations turned it into a wall. So you change your interpretation to turn it again into a bridge!

Then you simply walk through it towards your dream, purpose or goal!


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