Nov 162013
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I was on my daily walk among the beautiful trees in Central Park, and I felt inspired to write. The trees frequently whisper poetry into my ears. I call them the Poet-trees! So I sat on a bench, took out pen and paper and tried to channel the poems… BUT it was soooo cold that my hands became two gnarled, frozen branches.  I doggedly persisted, but the ink froze in the tube and would not come out.

I became frustrated and banged the ink against the notepad. Then I became furious and shook the pen violently.

“Write, dam it!”

The wind laughed in my face and slapped me awake.

I flashed back to a day many years ago, when I was a resident poet in New York’s schools and was edging a classroom to open up their creativity and playfulness. The teacher, a rigid and overbearing person, turned to the kids and screamed:

“Be creaaaaative!”

We were all shocked. Hollering an order is definitely not the way to encourage and inspire people to create.


Now I was laughing at myself.

I wondered:

  • How often do I push myself to work in spite a part of me being frozen?
  • How often do I pull myself by the bootstraps and stubbornly continue, though  the flow of energy in me is  congealed?
  •  How often do I keep pushing without noticing that my true  intention is crippled by a deep-rooted fear that I am not addressing?

I then wondered what would happen if instead of pushing…

  • I bring warmth and love, acceptance and compassion to that part of me that is frozen or fearful.
  • I open my mind, heart and ears to listen deeply to what is happening, to my internal limitations as well as to the external problem itself, to understand its true nature, to hear what life ~my co-creation partner~ is asking me to do.
  • I  take time to care for myself, to listen to my BodySoul and allow my self-healing body to return to balance, so that the flow of life is restored.
  • I stop to listen to my fear, to track it down to its root and to allow my soul to show me what Internal Action I need to take in order to transmute that fear into freedom, instead of insisting in taking External Actions that are not working or are causing me pain.
  • I stop pushing and instead look for the organic flow of the fiber in the design that life is weaving at this moment, so that I can cut along the grain, instead of against it.

As you see, by doing these tasks, I have ended with a beautiful spiritual lesson that can guide me ~and you~ to a better life… without pushing or struggling. (And was able to write several poems, too.)

I have experienced the life poem that the trees were whispering in all its loving breadth and depth, without frustration.

I have shared the wisdom of the Poet-trees with you without experiencing stress.

Could it be that easy?

  • Could it be that all we have to do is be in the flow of life, allow the design to show and co-create the design to move us gracefully towards our intention?
  • Could it be that our Divine Purpose does not demand struggle, fighting or pushing?
  • Could it be that instead we are meant to work in a state of grace?





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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.