Dec 212014
Sunday Prayer: Awakening Prayer

Sunday Prayer
Awakening Prayer
When I close my eyes this night to sleep,
Beloved Divine,
help my consciousness awake.
When I wake up from my sleep in the morning,
Beloved Divine,
let my eyes and ears perceive
the lies of the past
the truth of the present
and the possibilities for the future.
Let me wake up with clear eyes
that see beneath the façade
to perceive the truth
underneath what we call reality.
When I wake up in the morning,
Beloved Divine,
wake me up to my Dream
so that it lights my path
through the night of delusion
and the slumber of distraction
into the delight of co-creation
with you, all-loving Source.
Maria Mar©2014
New York, New York

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Dec 202014
Poem: Awakening

Saturday Poem

Awakening is not just
opening your eyes
from a night’s sleep.
It is opening your eyes
from a long slumber
to see what stares at you
beneath the façade of reality
and the mask of certainty.
Do you see the sadness in that smiling face?
Do you see the hope in that youthful arrogance?
Do you see the fear beneath that cynical stance?
It is opening your heart
to the invisible miracles
embedded in seemingly ordinary days.
It is touching the delicate trust
extended to you by those who seek your help.
Or sensing the help that is not requested
but desperately needed.
It is smelling the toxic vapors
that come from the black hole of despair
that swallows those who are discarded:
the old, the disadvantaged, the undervalued.
It is tasting the sweetness
they leave as they walk this earth
sharing their intangible gifts.
Awakening is not just
opening your eyes
to the light of day.
It is seeing what hides
in the dark corner of our minds:
The memories we would rather discard
so that we do not have to face
the lies we have been told.
The memories we hold on to
and play over and over in our head,
fruitlessly trying to change the story
by replaying it
so that it does […]

Dec 132014

Saturday Poem
The Wake
She was waiting
She was waiting because she wasn’t really ready.
She really really wanted it.
She longed for it so hard it hurt.
Her Soul howled for it with such fierceness
that she had begun to chew ice in the evenings
to quench that wild want.
But she was waiting.
It’s not that she didn’t want to do it.
God knows she really really wanted to.
It the thing she most wanted to do.
Her heart wanted it so badly!
She knew it would make her deeply, fully happy.
But she was waiting.
Waiting to get a better idea of how she could make it happen.
Waiting to get a certificate so that others would know that she could make it happen.
Waiting to perfect her technique to make it happen
more quickly, better, with less effort.
She was waiting to build it better.
Waiting to feel more confident.
Waiting to get the money.
Waiting to get more support.
Waiting to feel when the time was right.
And then she died.

Maria Mar©2014
New York, New York
This poem is the intellectual property of Maria Mar. It is protected by copyright law. Please share it by sending your friends to this page or […]

Dec 132014
Prayer: Let me find the vehicle

Sunday Prayer
Let me find the vehicle
Oh, Divine Source of Peace,
get me off this train
The RR train of Rush and Routine.
Get me off this speeding, crazy, non-stop train
into a place of radiant peace.
Oh Divine Source of Joy
get me off this train
The D train of Despair and Depression.
Get me off this heavy, darkness filled train
into a place of Delight.
Oh Divine Source of Gratitude
get me off this train
The J train of Judgment and jealousy
Get me off this condemned, jarring ride
into a place of grace.
Make my transformation
a transportation to my Soul’s destination.
Allow me to board it with trust.
Allow me to accept the vehicle
that takes me to the promise land
of my dreams.
Do not listen to my fears
And let me not follow them.
Listen to my desire
and help me use it as my compass;
so that I live the Ecstatic moment
in every step,
in every journey,
no matter how hard it looks.
Let me find the ease and grace available to me now.

Maria Mar©2014
New York, New York
This prayer/poem is the intellectual property of Maria Mar. It is protected by copyright law. Please share it by sending your friends to this page […]

Nov 252014
Poetry: Thanks for the Churning

Saturday Poem
My Thanksgiving gift to you!

Thanks for the Churning
When I was a little girl
I would clap in delight
at the alchemy taking place
as milk turned into oatmeal.
Mom did not seem to find it
as fascinating as I did.
Her eyes had become
blunt instruments,
unable to see the miracles
that churn day into night,
clay into creatures
and lamps into stars.
As I grew up I too became blind
to the wonder
of this stunning world.
I forgot why I had chosen to be born again.
The world is so beautiful!
I walked the streets at night
afraid of the shadows,
seeing trees as harbors for danger,
failing to see the full moon above
or the magical lights below
slithering trough the tracks
like flying serpents or fire-spitting dragons.
I could no longer see the rainbows around people.
I could no longer hear the poet-trees whispering poems in my ears.
I could no longer smell the fragrance of spirits coming to visit from the other world.
I did not really touch the world: the velvet in the rose, the silk in the leaf.
No longer did I reach out with the tip of my tongue to kiss the sweet, sweet rain.
I had been dimmed.
My magic […]

Nov 092014
Prayer: I am supported

Sunday Prayer
I am supported
I am supported by The Divine
expressed in each breath of the Universe.
I am received by this universe
for I was born to expand it
through my gifts and my presence.
I am needed, received and appreciated.
I am funded by the universe.
Everything I need to deliver my purpose
is being delivered to me right now.
I open my mind to recognize it.
I open my eyes to see it.
I open my heart to receive it.
I open my hands to hold it.
Thank You.

Maria Mar©2014
November 7, 2014
New York, New York
This poem is the intellectual property of Maria Mar and is protected by International Copyright Law. Please share it by using the share buttons to send your friends to this page.
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