Jun 282019
Ceremonial Poem: Clearance

Reading Time: 5 minutes

This ceremonial poem helps you to flush out all the gremlins, feelings
of insufficiency and low-level constant stress (the most harmful for
your health) into the surface. Then it brings you into a peaceful,
spacious frequency where you can experience movement in stillness.

To use this poem as a ceremony, copy/paste and print. You have permission to do this for yourself and your personal use. For printing somewhere else or to pass it on, contact us to get permission.


Stay focused on the heart-intention of releasing these fast-spinning mental vibes and embrace spaciousness.

Poem as ceremony:

To benefit from the poem as ceremony, make sure to breathe gently and fully as you read it. Read it once in silence, then out loud. To increase the potency, stand up and read it while allowing your body to move intuitively, using your arms, hands and all your expressive faculties.

Play with the phonemes at the beginning and end. They trigger certain alchemy in your brain. The opening set helps you to get in contact with chaos and dissonance and the closing set helps you […]

Oct 302013
How to Celebrate the Day of the Dead

Reading Time: 7 minutes

In America, especially in the Latino countries, we celebrate the Day of the Dead or All Hallows Eve, commonly known as Halloween. This year, I’d like to invite you to throw a different type of party for your Halloween celebration. I’ll give you a summary here. If you get inspired, download the PDF for detailed ceremonial and spiritual information and party ideas.
I’d like to reveal how you can have a party with your Ancestors… your dead ancestors. Why should you do this? There are four very good reasons to celebrate the Day of the Dead.

To express appreciation
To heal any unfinished business
To repair Family Karma, and
To celebrate them and the love that unites you all

In the following pages I’ll share with you how to prepare your celebration for the Day of the Dead. There are certain things that are essential and important.
This mostly refers to four things:

The spirit of love, joy and gratitude
Certain structural elements to guarantee the spiritual quality of the celebration
The order of events for natural progression
Certain offerings of love, beauty and celebration that will please the spirits

Everything else […]

Dec 242012
Gift wrapping bliss: inexpensive, beautiful, creative and fun gift wrapping ideas to stay in budget

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Gift wrapping bliss:
Inexpensive, beautiful, creative and fun gift wrapping ideas to stay in budget

I love gift wrapping! I love to express my love for the recipient of my gift by making it look fabulous. I connect to them as I am embellishing the gift. But, frankly, sometimes I spend way too much in the wrappings. And I feel bad about the waste of paper. And I’ve heard a lot of complaints from my neighbors, friends and clients that things are not the same financially and they are stressed out. So if any of this rings true to you, here are several inexpensive, beautiful, fun and creative gift wrapping ideas to stay in budget while you experience gift wrapping bliss.
Save on Ribbons
One of the ways we go overboard in the gift wrapping is on ribbons. You buy three or four different papers. Then you want different color/texture ribbons to go with them.  These ribbons can be enticing. You end up buying yards of ribbon, each from $5 to $20. That adds up!  So here’s a fun way to save on this […]

Jun 202012
Catch the Transportation to your Dream!

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Transformation NO 2: Launch your Transformation to catch your Transportation to your Soul’s Destination
In this article you will reflect on the ways that you repel transformation and how that keeps you stuck. You will discover why you need to launch your transformation now in order to manifest your dream and how to ride your transportation to your Soul’s destination.
This is the second in a series of six articles in which I share the basic MagicMark your Life Transformations. For an inspiring experience of these Transformations, join the Jollification of Transformation Campaign to see the video series and download the gifts. You will also get the free MagicMark your Life Starter Kit. For the full Launch your Transformation! PDF report, which includes deeper insights, more information, practices, Arts & crafts Alchemical Projects and journaling exercises, scroll to the bottom of the article.
As I said in Article 1 of the series, Transformation NO 1: Create your life to express your dream, your transformation is the transportation of your soul. Just like a vehicle takes your from Point A to Point B, transformation […]

May 022012
Go from Blocked to Brilliant

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Go from blocked to brilliant is a transformation designed for spiritual, creative women who are seeking to fulfill their purpose, passion or dreams but find themselves stuck in certain areas. If you feel that there is a low ceiling that keeps you from moving past certain set point in your success, healing or happiness, then you need to give yourself this transformation. If there’s an area of your life, like money, love or career, that’s stuck; then you definitely need to give yourself this transformation. Created especially for women, this home study course includes storytelling, creative activities and shamanic secrets to transmute your limitations into your secret tools for mastery. Find out what hidden interference is stopping you from having and being what you want, and set yourself free to fly. Go from blocked to brilliant.
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