Jan 162016
Are you Feeling Alone and Abandoned?

Story Alchemy
Are you Feeling Alone and Abandoned?
One of the complains that I have been hearing from your feedback is the feeling that you are alone and unsupported. There is a sense of isolation ~even when you are surrounded by people. This is debilitating and makes you feel abandoned just when you need more support than ever.

This feeling if often masked by the excitement of festivities, but just about now, as you come down from the Holiday high, it is making you feel tired, weighed-down and even more alone than ever.

I’ve been there. I know that it is of little consolation to know that you are not alone in your aloneness, but today I offer you something more than sympathy or empathy.

I invite you into a journey of Story Alchemy, a path of storytelling that empowers you to shift from that aloneness into alignment with your beautiful, radiant Sacred Self.

If you have not read about Story Alchemy before, here it is in a nutshell:

Humans explain our world and our role in that world through the creation of  story segments called Story […]

May 192015
Do you Need to Create a Chrysalis?

Do you Need to Create a Chrysalis?

I want to share with you the magic of my most recent shamanic performance that took place on Sunday, May 17th in New York.

I just emerged from my ceremonial chrysalis and did a magical Butterfly Dance.

This was an in-depth ceremony for me as well as a shamanic performance and journey for the women in the audience.

I first wrote a poem and then danced it. The poem was a shamanic journey through the process of creating my chrysalis, feeding on it to become my dream and finally emerging as my embodied potential.

“But what is this chrysalis?” you may ask.
In nature, the chrysalis is the new skin that the caterpillar builds in order to nurture and protect its transformation into butterfly.
The Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom teaches us that women also need to create a chrysalis to nurture and protect our transformation. Throughout time, there have been different ceremonies, rites or special places for women to do this, from the Moon Lodge to the Red Tent.
If you are right now undergoing a change —or even […]

May 032015
An author's post-partum

An author’s post-partum

I am completely hormonal. I cry at the slightest provocation. I burst into laughter for no reason at all. What is going on?

Talking to a woman who was buying my book at the bank, I realized that this began after my novel Angelina & the Law of Attraction came out in print… finally!
The reader was looking at the cover. She said: “It invites me to touch it.”
I gave a big sigh (similar to a woman after the baby comes out, now that I think about it), and confessed:
“I design it myself. I spent two years studying cover design because I wanted a cover that would do exactly that for a reader.”

And two more tears popped out. I was mortified! Here I was in a “serious” bank setting and I was crying all over the place!
“Give yourself a break, Maria!” the reader said as she fanned the 408 pages.
Then she looked at me with a smile and said: “This is not a small thing you’ve done. No, it’s huge!”
And the tiny tears turned into a rain pour.
“Yes, it […]

Feb 182015

Mother Earth Totem
Enjoy this exquisite wood carving by Veronica (Ronnie) Sexton. I see it as a totem calling us to the Healing of Gaea.
Here are the words of the artist.
“Mother Earth-Gaia, She who has given us every meal that we have eaten, the air that we breath the water that we drink. In ancient times we knew this and we worshipped and honoured Her. We knew Her rhythms and Her cycles. The leaves set in resin represent Autumn one of the four seasons. Just as there are days in the week, seasons in the year, we are now living in the age of Kali Yuga the last of the quarter of a larger cycle. We are living in a time of great change and destruction on this planet. The rocks that sit in drops are the tears of sadness for the rape and abuse caused to Mother Earth-Gaia almost to the point of Her complete destruction.
“The sculpture Mother Earth is carved as a reminder of the never ending love She has for us Her children. We have free will, so […]

Dec 042014
Expert of the Year Award: Tanya Torres for "Selling your Art"

Expert of the Year Award


Selling Art? Can it be a Creative Expression?
Hang out with artist Tanya Torres
Editor’s Note:
This hang out is part of an interview that I did with my good friend Tanya Torres for the December 2013 issue of the Butterfly You! Magazine. Read the full interview, enriched by Tanya’s inspiring art: http://mariamar.com/butterflyu-2-own-your-value/
In the interview for Butterfly You! Magazine, Tanya shared the story of how she manifested her dream of making a living from her art and as she did she revealed her own blueprint of how she went from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Self. But the interview was so rich, I could not fit everything in the magazine. This part is new! Here’s the part of the story that has to do with a moment in which she discovered how to sell her art ~essential if she was going to make money from it! Enjoy!
Maria Mar
Tanya Torres reveals how she discovered that selling her art was part of her creative expression.
Discovering a Personal Sales Style
During the time that we were doing exhibitions at Mixta Gallery, I studied the […]

Oct 312014
Happy All Hallows Eve

 Happy All Hallows Eve!

Tonight I’ll be chatting with my dearly departed and we’ll have a banquet.
The veil is thinning and I am looking forward to a good family gathering with my dear departed.
This All Hallows Eve for me will be a musical evening, playing my drum and marimba, listening, praying and playing. I want to make it a celebration of our infinite joy and wonder.
Let your heart guide you. Let your dreams guide you. What is in your heart or dreams lately? What do you want to do? What is your intuition telling you?
This is the best way to connect to the dead and be a bridge between the living and the dead in a way that allows healing, karmic cleansing and spiritual evolution.
How do you do an altar for the Dead?
I’ll make an altar for the dead in a small table I reserve for seasonal altars. I’ll cover it with a very bright fabric. Besides it I will hang a large skeleton I keep for this celebration, and I’ll dress it in bright colors. This is the way I […]