Mar 302019
Do you like fantasy stories but detest war, violence and apocalypses?

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Once Upon a Time…

It all starts with the story

Angelina & the Law of Attraction Shamanic Fantasy

Angelina holds tightly to her big bag (where she carries her secret) while she waits for the “N” train that will take her to a new corporate job. Meanwhile, her soul is wilting and summons a magical guide~ the whimsical Dragonfly Lady~ who detours the train. Will Angelina catch the Dream Express into her Dream Destination or will she miss her destiny while she stubbornly sticks to a success track that steals her gifts and cripples her purpose?

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Are you a spiritual, creative woman (or out-of-the-box man) who loves fantasy but hates the violence, apocalyptic tendencies and wars of many fantasy stories?

I totally relate! When I read, I want to experience something that enriches my life, uplifts my vibration and expands my wisdom. I’m not one to read just to escape. In fact, if everything is forced to be perfect, I find it boring. But neither do I want to bring a world worst than the one I’m […]

Mar 112019
Women and Visibility: No. 2:  The Invisible Self

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How can you be visible to others when you are keeping yourself invisible to yourself?

The series of Women
and Visibility is a journey through the challenges women in the 21st
Century face in our path to fulfillment or when we want to share our gifts,
embody our purpose or live our brilliance. In any of these instances, being
visible is a necessity. But being visible elicits potent fear in women. This
series is my attempt to describe why and to explore ways in which we can
address this challenge so that we can free our radiance, unfold our potential
and express our genius.

In Article 1: “The Hunger that Devours our Visibility,” we address the hunger that both, pulls us towards becoming visible and sabotages our capacity to be visible.

In this article, I want to explore the underbelly of women’s invisibility: when we are invisible to ourselves.

When we are invisible to ourselves.River Shapeshifter: Digital collage by Maria mar(c)

Lights off Center

In the first article I referred to a ceremonial performance
I did last year for an audience of change-makers, artists and activists.

The venue was an amazing cultural cafe that […]

Feb 132019
Bring your Offer to the Table!

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We spiritual creative women so often leave our beautiful gifts under the table!

My Story… Do you relate?

For years I had been writing
poems, but for some hidden reason I never published them. Poetry was the
first form I used in my writings. I’ve been writing poetry since I
grabbed a pen for the first time. But for some unknown reason, I
published fiction, then non-fiction and even created dozens of
products… and yet my poetry was unpublished.

One day I went to a poetry reading of an anthology of women writers that included some of my poems. The organizer had placed a big table to display our books…. and it was empty. There were about seven female professional writers reading their work, but not one had brought her book to the table! That’s when I decided that I had to change this. It was no longer acceptable to keep our gifts under the table… and the change started with me!

I even wrote a story about it… when the Empty Table spoke to me and […]

Feb 122019
Women and Visibility: The Hunger that devours our Visibility

Reading Time: 12 minutes

I belong to several communities of writers, activists and entrepreneurs where the fear of visibility is pandemic –especially, though not exclusively among women. In this first article in the series Women and Visibility, I want to share the hunger that both drives us towards visibility and devours it, keeping us not only isolated, but painfully torn between our desire to share our gifts and our fear that we are not enough.

When we feel insufficient nothing will fill us

As I write this I have a flashback to the last ceremonial performance I did some months ago. It was for an audience of change-makers and activists. The topic of the whole event was liberation.

The venue was an amazing cultural cafe that offers very unique events. Even before I stepped on stage, I was surprised by how often the main performer or poet was not visible. The lights were focused on the musicians but the center speaker/singer/poet was in the dark!

Since the setting was a collaborative effort of the performers themselves, it seemed meaningful that they were leaving center-stage, –the most […]

Dec 242018
Magical Christmas Gift-No.12: The Magical Christmas Bell

Reading Time: 2 minutes

No. 12 in the Series of Magical Christmas Gifts 2018
Magical Christmas Gift:
The Magical Christmas Bell

Now: Smile from your heart as you breathe gently and hum,
As you hear my words and see the image of the Magical Christmas Bell, chant the Ring-a-ding-dang-ding jingle, like a kid singing Jingle Bells.

When you are ready, scroll down.

Here it goes:
Christmas is here with a song
and a ring-a-ding-dang-dong!
Open your heart, for you belong
so sing-a-ding along!
Let us dance and let us sing
with a ring-a-ding-dang-ding.
And let our hearts lift our wings
and sing along-a-ding!
The Magical Christmas Bell rings with the gifts of joy and laughter, inviting us to have the courage to live, laugh and love.
Live! Laugh! Love!
The Magical Christmas Bell rings with the gifts of truth and intimacy, inviting us to take time to be and to listen with our heart and to our heart.
Our heart recognizes the lies and illusions that keep us in a mental Rush Trance, making us believe that we need to do and have more in order to be of value.
When we hear our deepest truth our heart flows with serenity and […]