May 062017
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“Judgment is jail.

Guilt is the gag.

Blame is the blindfold.

Shame is the shackle”

From Diary of Now 2017

Maria Mar (c) 2017

Extended Tip:

No matter how self-righteous you feel when you are judging others, judgment is the work of the Shadow (fear-based defensive Inner Self). The Shadow talks in absolutes, in right vs. wrong and good vs. evil. It imprisons you in concepts devoid of compassion and humanity and prevents true understanding. If you are judging yourself, you are probably repeating a story you learned as a child. It’s just a label. It’s not who you are. It does not help. Judgment is usually accompanied by more bullies: guilt, blame and shame. Guilt gags you and prevents you from speaking your truth from the heart, so that you can forgive and be forgiven if it is truly necessary. Blame is a blindfold because it distracts you from seeing the complexity of a situation, focusing your attention in whomever you decide to blame. Shame is a shackle because it binds you to it, acting as a glue that won’t let go. You are too ashamed to seek help, and thus you stay shackled by the source of your shame. Release judgment. Get in the habit of non-judgment. How? 1. Recognize when you are judging yourself or others. 2. Shift from Judgment to non-judgment. Make a choice to detach from the need to judge. 3. Seek to understand with empathy for the evolution of all, including you.

Have questions? I have answers.

Have answers? I have questions.

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