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Dec 192014
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ARTspiration No. 38

Take your gifts out of the drawer




What parts of your greatness or potential are you hiding, shelving or keeping in the psychic closet, shelf or drawer? Time to take them out! They are badly needed now.” Maria Mar


Bonus Insight

When you keep your gifts hidden year after year, waiting for the “right moment,” you are shelving your greatness.

Here are some ways we do this and some modes or degrees of hiding:

In the psychic closet

When there are important talents or aspects of your being that you keep “in the closet” then you are judging, shaming, disowning or rejecting these aspects of yourself.

We usually put things in the closet because we want to wear them at some point, but not today. However, the popular expression “in the closet” also implies that we are hiding it in that closet, like the proverbial skeleton in the closet. When you leave it in the close without wearing it, then you are not owning it.

It may be that you are pre-censoring yourself to avoid rejection. It may be that you are compartmentalizing different aspects of your being, filtering each according to the different people or situations in your life. In any case, you are not being fully you and this creates incongruence and incoherence.


~ You are a highly spiritual person with a spiritual vision and knowledge of energy healing, but as an entrepreneur serving businesses you hide this because you believe that the business owners you serve will be put off. You are constantly gagging your natural spiritual perception in your service.

~ You are a nature lover and eco-activist, but you keep this a secret in your corporate environment for fear of being labeled a bleeding heart or having political confrontations about the way your corporation is making profits. You are constantly inhibiting your voice and feel that you are betraying what you believe and what you need to do to protect the earth. This is creating a low-level, but chronic depression and lack of motivation in your work.

BodySourcing: You feel it in your Root Chakra (bringing issues of survival, acceptance and identity) or in your Sexual Chakra –either your belly or womb (intensely connected to relationships and being accepted.)

On the Shelf

You put something on your shelf when it’s important to you and you want to see it and keep it visible. You want to have it ready so that you can use it every day. But if you do these with your talents, gifts, uniqueness, leadership or greatness — and then you don’t pick it up and use it, then it becomes a constant reminder of how you are wasting your potential. It’s almost as if you were punishing yourself for this.

You may put in in your shelf to test how others may respond before actually committing to use, wear and be it. You are waiting for external approval before you truly own your stuff.

Or you display a desire, passion or dream passively, but never actually express or develop it. That’s like the people who wear running gear to walk on the neighborhood, but they never actually jug.

Another way you can do this is by creating it but not selling or marketing it. It’s there, on the shelf, but you never pick it up and offer it to the visitors. You reject selling it because you believe money is bad, you are afraid of being rejected or you don’t think it’s good enough.


~You collect drums and play them, even take classes, but never dare to use the drum in your presentations or call yourself a drummer even though you’ve been drumming for years.

~ You love to draw and have been creating beautiful arts and crafts for years, but you start your business as a traditional content blog. Yyou’d love to use the photos of your arts and crafts. But isn’t that tacky? And how could you even sell it?

~ You have a passion for  crafts, but you have separated art and money, so you open a shop selling delicatessen. Then you place the beautiful artifacts and crafts up on the back shelves, as decoration, as if they were not actually for sale.  You sell food because you believe that’s what people are buying. You display crafts because that is what you love. This is a self-fulfilled prophecy because you are displaying the crafts in a way that muddles their beauty and sends a message that they are not worthy of your client’s attention or money.


BodySourcing:  You may feel the shelf in your Throat Chakra (you get a lump when you try to talk about it) or in your Third Eye, especially on the rear of the Sixth Chakra, connected to implementation.

In the drawer

Finally, a third way of hiding your gifts is by keeping them in the drawer.

This is a deeper hiding place than the shelf and a bit less out-of-reach than the closet.

There’s two ways to keep your gifts in the drawer:

~ You have all these ideas, notes and drafts, but you never finish it.

~ You finish it and then archive it, without sharing it.


~ The book you keep meaning to write, and start every three months, but always quit.

~ The book you have written, edited and proofread endlessly, but never published.


BodySourcing: The drawer is felt energetically in your Solar Plexus Chakra and stomach. You feel anxiety in the pit of your stomach when you think of sharing it with strangers. You may develop excess fat in your stomach area, which reflects the stagnant energies in that area.


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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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