Jul 222014
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Too many people are asleep in a trance and the worst part is that they don’t know it. There are four instances when our fears or habits send us in a trance:

  1. Fear to see or know the truth
  2. Avoidance of pain
  3. Resistance to change and need to be in control
  4. Resistance to go deeper, to go beneath ordinary reality into the soul, emotions and spiritual realms of being

In each of these cases, you are allowing an old story to “curse” you into habitual defenses and old Comfort Zones that are really a trance.

When you fall asleep in the Sleeping Beauty trance you lose touch with the deeper meaning and true quality of your reality. You stop seeing other people’s true needs and nature. You are truly trapped in a trance.

Vulnerability is the answer to the Sleeping Beauty Trance.
It allows you to wake up and come fully alive.

To wake up means to be willing to see what you are not seeing now and to seek help to do so, to be vulnerable as an act of love towards yourself and others, and to let go of the illusion of control for a more genuine, truthful and mutually supportive relationship with the world and with others.

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