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May 072014
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Wednesday Walk*

Is the glass half-empty or half-full?


The eternal controversy of whether the glass is half-empty or half-full will only show that reality is not only relative to the witness, but that it is CREATED by her perception.

Is the glass half-empty for you globally and universally?

Probably not. Unless you suffer from an addiction to negativity, you recognize that you are probably OK in one or more areas of your life. But there’s this one area ~love, health, money, creativity, career, life purpose, fulfillment, personal growth, emotions~ where the glass looks empty; and what is worse ~it FEELS empty.

I’m not usually interested in intellectual debates of whether something is black or white. But in this case, the “Half-glass Controversy” may be of some use to you.

The Law of Polarity is a universal law that states that everything has its opposite: Cold has hot, hard has soft, down has up and good has bad… and we may safely add that Empty has Full.

Let’s try it right now. Get your journal or some blank paper or use your notepad to write over this page:

Step 1: ID the area you want to change

Define the area of your life where the glass looks and feels half-empty (if not completely drained.)

Step 2: Describe and fully accept it without judgment or blame.

Describe this emptiness or lack as clearly as you can in short sentences. Communicate your feelings, but stay away from judging yourself unless you are recognizing that action of self-judgment.

For example:

My Money Life

I have none. I am unemployed. I am not making any money now. I can’t pay my bills and they’ve become huge. I’m living with my parents again. I feel destitute. I feel like a failure. I’ve tried to find a job for two years and nothing materializes. It’s like my entire career field has been destroyed. Is it the economy?


Step 3: Invoke the Opposite

Now for each sentence come up with an opposite. If you can, intuitively reach for an opposite that is or may be contained inside it, like most answers are contained inside a question. Be aware that this may stretch your comfort zone or perception a little… or a lot! (But in a great way!)

Avoid judging yourself or blaming others and be willing to try the possibility that there is an opposite inside that  lack that is actually a fullness.

Listen to the lack with the intention of finding the opposite. Sometimes when the opposite shows up it is surprising. Ask about it and listen. (I’ll place a “???” sign in the example so you see the process.) You may need another sentence to clarify it. The next sentence may flip your perception! Be ready.

For example:

My Money Life

I have a full, intense relationship with money. ??? I am attached to getting my money from an institution because that’s how I feel safe. Now that there’s no institution I am actively avoiding finding where the money is. This fight against a new source of money has been intense and occupies me full time.

I am employed full time. ??? I am fully employed in creating a new source of employment, though I have not been conscious of this until now.

I have millions on the oven right now. ??? There’s a fortune knocking at my door, if I only listen.

The size of my debt is just a sign of the amount of money I can generate now. ??? If I focus on paying my bills, instead of piling them.

 I’ve freed myself of paying a mortgage or rent so that I can create a new source of income without pressure. ??? Without the single most important expenditure I had and a roof over my head I am free to explore new income sources without fear.

 I feel solvent. ??? I now have the ability to decide how I want to make money in the world and to make money by sharing my gifts and in a way that makes me happy. That is the greatest wealth in life!

I feel like a success. ??? I am in a laboratory to become my own boss.

After two years of job-finding, something amazing has materialized! ??? I’ve realized that I am free to create my own source of income!

The economic changes taking place now have opened vast possibilities for my field. ??? I now can work online, be my own boss, strategize my career as if it were a business and many other new ways of positioning myself as an expert.


WOW!! That was powerful. Did you see how I flipped that glass and it became half-full?


Leave your comments below. I’d love to hear what happened!


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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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