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Reading Time: 3 minutes Creating a Venus Dream Basket It is important for you to know what you bring to a relationship. Whether you already have a beloved, or are using the Law of Attraction to summon your soulmate, the Venus Dream Basket will nurture your self-love, confidence and your beautiful Venus Gifts. It will help you stand strong in your love, attracting or nurturing the love of your life. A Dream Basket is a powerful shamanic tool for manifestation. It is like hatching something that is inside you, like a dream, wish or talent, into the physical external world. A Dream Basket can be used to attract prosperity, hatch a specific project into fruition, or nurture a relationship or aspect of the self. The Venus Dream Basket has a double purpose: To nurture your Venus Gifts, reminding you of what you offer the world. To nurture your love relationship or attract your soulmate in the matrix of your magnetic Venus Gifts. The Venus Gifts are: Love Harmony Beauty Grace Joy To hear more about the gifts and leave your unique version of these [Read more.]