Sep 302009
Relationships and Prosperity

Reading Time: 5 minutes Relationships and Prosperity By Maria Mar(c) Prosperity is deeply connected to relationships because wealth is created as the result of an exchange between people. What did you learn to expect from strangers? Do you expect others to value you, to remunerate you justly and joyfully, and to trust you? Or did you learn to expect betrayal, to be cheated or undervalued? Do you expect others to receive you or to reject you? Carefully examine your expectations about relationships, and you will find the core of your issues with prosperity. Shifting Beliefs Here’s a journal writing exercise to help you. Print it and paste the copy in your journal, for easy following. STEP 1: PREPARATION Begin with sitting comfortably, your journal and pen in front of you. Breathe deeply and slowly, allowing the air to travel deep into your trunk, all the way down to your lower belly, and exhale as slowly as possible. Do this five times, each time releasing stress from your shoulders, back and face. STEP 2: INTENTION Say these words inwardly in your last inhalation, paying attention [Read more.]