May 022013
Passion and the Law of Attraction

Reading Time: 6 minutes Passion and the Law of Attraction Passion is the key that opens the door of the Law of Attraction. Find out how passion allows you to muster the forces of the universe to activate the Law of Attraction towards the fulfillment of your Dream, living your Life purpose or delivering your message. What is the connection between passion and the Law of Attraction? Passion is a creative emotional force deeply connected to the human soul, to the Elemental Forces of nature and to our deep human needs and values. The power of passion is astounding. It can muster the forces of the universe towards its fulfillment. It can and has changed the course of history. The Yin and Yang of Passion As in everything in nature, there is a yin and yang, a Sacred Feminine or Shakti and a Sacred Masculine or Shiva in the movement of passion. You can see this as the Goddess and the God dancing in the halls of passion. The Shiva aspect of passion is connected to fire and air. The Shakti aspect of passion [Read more.]