Feb 112012
Fall in love with yourself

Reading Time: 2 minutes Self-love day is February 13. That’s Monday. What are you going to do that day for yourself? How about falling in love with yourself? Here are some ideas: Make a date with yourself: Take yourself out to an outing that you enjoy. It may be something with you love to do, and can enjoy alone, but perhaps your significant other or friends don’t often want to do it. Ideas? Ice skating, going to see your favorite movie, eating your favorite food at your favorite restaurant, seeing a fantastic show. Dress up (or dress down) according to what you want. Treat yourself like a Queen. Enjoy your own company! Spa Day: You can do this alone or with a group of girlfriends (can get a discount as a group). Go for a fabulous treat on a spa. Make sure to get your favorite type of massage. Then from there, depending on your budget and preferences, include a reflexology massage, a cleansing or detox, a facial, etc. Let someone take care of you. Be pampered. Feel like the Goddess you are! Self-celebration [Read more.]

Feb 042012
Self-love: is Wikipedia right?

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is self-love? Wikipedia describes self-love this way: Self-love is the strong sense of respect for and confidence in oneself. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-love) Respect? Confidence? Is it the same to respect a person as to love them? I don’t think so. The same applies to the self. Respecting yourself is a sign that you value yourself. But this does not necessarily means that you love yourself.  Self-love is a feeling, not a value. Is being confident about someone’s behavior or ability the same as loving them? No again. What wikipedia describes is self-esteem, not self-love. And the difference, while subtle, is at the core of self-empowerment and self-fulfillment. How is self-love different from self-esteem? Many of us believe that we are OK because we have a good self-esteem. What this often means is that we “know” that we are valuable and that what we do is good.We know it because we have a sense of the value of our talents and skills. We may have had experience in the past of helping others. We have received positive feedback. We may have gotten [Read more.]

Dec 142011
Bless Away your Holiday Stress

Reading Time: 9 minutes Bless Away Your Holiday Stress   By Maria Mar         The tree is up. The lights are on. The music plays. The Holidays are here, full of bright colors, smiles and good spirits. So why do you feel so blah? You go along and do the deeds, but your heart is not in it.   Or perhaps you are feeling quiet the opposite, like a renegade train running so fast that it is missing the Holiday station! Could it be that you are speeding past the Holiday Spirit? Read on and find out what may be causing your Holiday Stress and how to bless it away. There are four main sources of Holiday Blues or Stress:   Broken Heart, Broken Back, Broken Bag or Broken compass. Let’s take a quick look at each: Broken Heart You have experienced an emotional loss. You got divorced or you are remembering a loved one that died recently or during the Christmas season. Basically, you are grieving. Broken Back You are the victim of too many pressures, exhaustion or emotional stress. [Read more.]

Oct 192010
Celebrate the Love your Body Week with art and free resources

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hi, Beautiful sister, Here are some gifts and resources to celebratr Love your Body Day End Fat Talk Week Art by Maria Mar(c)2010.*   Love your Female Curves   I created this art to help you enjoy and celebrate the curves of your body. Do you know that wide hips allow for better birthing process? Do you know that men are hired wired to instinctively respond to those wide hips? ):   Don’t let anybody shame you for your curves, beautiful sister. You are a woman. You are curvy, ample, sensuous and voluptuous. Bravo for you! Know that this is sexy! Not so long ago women were adored for those curves. (Think Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Loren.) But as women became freer in our society, there was a backlash. Now that we had more freedom, the focus became in cutting off our curves. This is an inorganic, distorted, borrowed dream that turns your life into a nightmare. Wake up!   I see hatred towards the Sacred Feminine in a society that shames women’s natural curves and promotes an obsession with [Read more.]

Jul 132010
Share your Sweet Spot!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Oh, lala! My Sweet Spot! I participate in a journal writing membership at http://journal.journalengine.com. Some time ago the facilitator, Marc Manieri, asked us to identify our Sweet Spots. As I remember, Marc defines our Sweet Spots as those organic strong places within us, those things we love and give us joy, those things we would do whether they paid us or not. I found the practice of recognizing my Sweet Spots as a great self-love and self-esteem booster, so I recommend you try it! I want to share my Sweet Spots with you today. I am an inspirer. Inspiration is my Sweet Spot. Sometimes inspiration is poetry. Written poetry. I become a mermaid and dive into the depth of existence to bring back to the surface the treasures of life. I have one book of poetry that I am preparing in English. It is called The Tao of Trees. This is about the poems and teachings given to me by the trees. When I was sick some years ago, the trees healed me and they gave me these beautiful meditations [Read more.]

Mar 162010
Art, Poem and invitation to Celebrate Women's History Month 2010

Reading Time: 4 minutes Cannot see the graphics? See web version A poem, art and invitation to celebrate the closure of Women’s History Month Discover your Untapped Possibilities Break the Fences in your Mind No. 1 of the Break Free from What Holds you Back Online Event Series with Maria Mar FOR WOMEN ONLY Endless Possibilities They rush by at the speed of light. Invisible. Inaudible. A flash. Almost a memory. And they are gone. I could not see them before. They were like crazy cars bumping against my choices. Derailing my desires. But I neither heard nor saw them, though they were jamming the pathways of my mind. There were other forces in that secluded mindscape. They sat there, like fences. Doing nothing but blocking the view. I did not see those either. They showed up, however. When I tried to see the beauty just beyond my reach. The colors of a landscape for which my Soul longed so much it hurt. The crazy cars and the fences kept my mind racing inside stagnation, while I drove my will like a madwoman, trying [Read more.]