Aug 182009
The Body of Miracles

Reading Time: 3 minutes Body of Miracles I’ve dissaparated. You heard it. Just like Harry Potter and friends, I’ve dissaparated from one place and landed on another in a split second. The body does wonderful feats. It usually happens in moments when we are in physical danger and cannot send our worrisome minds to interfere. The body does amazing things to save us. All we need to do is listen to our body’s wisdom and allow it to spontaneously respond to life. Our logical mind, as useful as it is, has been socially trained in what is possible and “real.” It has been domesticated into old beliefs about what we are able to do and what we cannot do. But our bodies, when we are in tune, have an environmental wisdom that flows from Universal Consciousness. Okay, enough philosophy! Here’s the story: As you know, Corazon Tierra is my creative partner. We’ve been performing together now for 20 years. Yesterday, we were coming out of a meeting and stepped into an elevator. The minute we set feet on the darn thing, it bobbed up [Read more.]