Jun 222010
Who's the boss of you?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Who’s the boss of you? Watch this free Video and find out! Click graphic to see Video. Is there an aspect of your life that seems out of control? Do you find yourself in some “unwanted” situation that makes you fee trapped or stuck? Are you working hard towards a dream or goal, but feel that you are spinning your wheels on place? Then enjoy my beautiful Free Virtual Tour and Ecourse! You will: Relax and enjoy a beautiful video and engaging stories. Enjoy several Aha! moments that may open new insights into your situation. Find the hidden source of interference in your subconscious that is creating the “static” that keeps you trapped. Includes a self-assessment tool to find out which of the 6 main hidden interference patterns in women may be holding you back. Click graphic to see Video. In this Video Series I reveal secrets that I only share in my exclusive private mentorship. At no cost. No risk. See at your convenience. PLUS Get 3 Psychic Keys to unstuck yourself delivered via email! Click to enjoy the [Read more.]

Apr 062010
Book Review: The Leader who had no title

Reading Time: 6 minutes Dream Alchemist’s Book Review By Maria Mar Author: Robin Sharma Book: The Leader Who had No Title A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and in  Life   “No one’s unimportant. There are ono extra people alive today. Every person and every job matters, and all work can be made meaningful with the Lead Without the Title philosophy.” Robin Sharma The Leader Who had No Title A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and in  Life I’ve been as charged up lately as if I’d been plugged into a giant Eveready battery.   My secret?   I read a tiny book with a huge power to move the human spirit.   The book? The Leader Who had no Title: A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and in Life.   The author? Robin Sharma, a leader who has been voted the Number Two top leader in the world and whose legendary book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari sold millions of copies in more than fifty-five countries.   The message in this tiny book has been igniting [Read more.]

Sep 012009

Reading Time: 8 minutes Last week a visitor asked the following question: “I just found your site and appreciate what you have on here. I a network marketer, but haven’t yet experienced the success I want in it. Your obsession vs focus interview is great for me and something I will keep mulling over. I am looking for direction in building belief in myself and my business. I hesitate to talk to others about it because I think, they have a good job, or good business, why would they want this or listen to me. I do think I have a unique (better) business plan, and products. So I think it must rest in my belief in me. Suggestions?” DREAM ALCHEMIST’S ANSWER: Starting today and for a year, consider yourself on a Journey of Success. This quest is not a race. Observe that I did not call it a Journey TO Success, but a Journey OF Success. It is not even a project. It is an adventure, an expedition. In this exciting journey, you want to enjoy the landscape. You want to visit its [Read more.]

Aug 262009
Prosperity or Poverty: Choose your Mirror

Reading Time: 10 minutes Prosperity or Poverty: Choose your Mirror By Maria Mar©2009 A visual storytelling journey to dispel the thieves of your prosperity. The meeting got complicated. It would take much of the day. We broke for lunch and I hurried to the bathroom. There I met a fascinating woman. As our lunch hour coincided, we had lunch together in the building’s ground-level cafeteria. I felt that a strong, peaceful connection had brought us together and was very curious as to the purpose of this encounter. We began to talk with ease. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that Lillianne* was a spiritual catalyst whose inspired writings I had read once when I somehow clicked on a link to her blog. I recalled that she was a wise woman with an extraordinary capacity for deep reflection into the mysteries of existence. In her beautiful writings, I had appreciated her thorough understanding of the Law of Attraction. I especially admired her awareness of how we create our own universe with our thoughts, emotions and choices. Lillianne and I talked passionately for a while [Read more.]

Oct 022008
Fear, Recession and the Law of Attraction

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you are hearing the debates about our economy, you are probably stressed, confused, angry and afraid. This emotional toxic marsh is the perfect psychic ground for your fears to flourish. Your emotions play a key role in your capacity to activate or block the flow of the Law of Attraction. Fear blocks the flow. Faith, as a connection to The Source, activates the flow. You have the power to bring your vision, as well as your needs, to the collective table. You can have a positive impact both, in your individual life and in the social solutions that are created at this time. In order to be effective, however, you need to stay open to the Universal Field of Infinite Possibilities. You must be able to access your intuitive wisdom. Fear and stress block these abilities. This Article lets you know how fear blocks your power to create change and to find solutions. It offers simple practices to release fear.   Symptoms of fear -related stress At a time of financial crisis, it is normal to be afraid, specially [Read more.]