Sep 142010
Why can't I get motivated?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Why can’t I get motivated? By Maria Mar(c)2010 “Why can’t I get motivated?” Elizabeth asked me. There are two different scenarios for depleted motivation: temporary and chronic. I’ll cover the first one in this blog and the second one in a second blog, so stay tune. (Subscribe to this blog to get my weekly articles. Click the button to the upper right corner.) Here’s the list of probable issues that are causing your de-motivation. To see the solutions, see the second section, below. Temporary lack of motivation If you are suffering from a temporary lack of motivation, then you are usually motivated, but find yourself in a motivational slump. Here are the causes that may be causing this slump. 1. Overwork. If you are burn-out, your body is depleted of energy. Your momentum slows down and your motivation suffers. 2. Taking too many ineffective actions. When your actions do not bring results, there is no renewal to the emotional energy you are using to generate them. Lack of results is like lack of food. 3. Plans and goals are not [Read more.]