Jul 102009
Are you swimming an emotional marathon?

Reading Time: 6 minutes I posted this tip in my Dream Alchemist Daily Tips Section: “Do you feel exhausted after doing something emotionally challenging, like walking through fear or breaking a habit? The action might have been simple, like making a phone call. You may be thinking that it’s silly to be so tired. Be especially loving with yourself at this time. Rest and reward yourself. Swimming against the Emotional Undertow of old learned emotions uses more energy than swimming in a marathon.” I also posted it in my Facebook Update. Here are some of the answers I’ve gotten so far: “Thank you so much. I feel like you read my mind, it is very difficult to say no to people who have been using me for years, just the fear of saying no has been very difficult and exhausting, but after the storm I feel much better and respect myself much more.” “YES. This is so what I needed to read today. It’s hard to move on sometimes, past the bad habits.” This brings up a couple of questions about emotional breakthrough, and [Read more.]