May 252011
Kali's blessings: chaos, destruction and crisis

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tuesday Tip: Chaos, disaster and crisis are the territory of Kali. This includes the chaos of divorce, moving, all types of break-ups, infestations and environmental disasters, home disaster and things that are breaking all over the place. Think of those moments as painful birthing experiences. Read Extended Tip to find out what to do. What to do? Talk with Kali. L-I-S-T-E-N. Let her show you what needs to die and why. Surrender and discover what is being birthed from the chaos. Consider the following: What needs to die? What do I need to let go? What garbage must be thrown out, including the garbage in my mind, house, habits and relationships? What clarity needs to enter to dispel chaos? What is essential to me now? What has changed in my life without me realizing it that demands a new order? How have I created this situation and how, in transforming it, do I grow? When there are incidents of home infestation, clutter, moving or things breaking up, track down two aspects of these manifestations: How these are metaphors of what [Read more.]