Nov 212018
Art and poem: Celebration

Reading Time: 2 minutes Thanksgiving and the Holidays Celebration During these holy days, I want to join you in a celebration of life, love and the beauty in this world. So here’s a poem and art illustration from The Tao of Trees to remind you of the magic of love and the power of gratitude. This is poem #3 and it’s in The Path of Beauty, one of seven paths in the illustrated poetry book. Celebration Yesterday I did not see this tree. I was in a hurry and walk past it. After all, it was just another tree like the many lining my path. Now I stop in wonder. Rain drops hang from the naked limbs, like diamonds glittering in the fingers of creation. Like fairies, they twinkle inviting me to play and pray; filling me with gratitude. This trunk is no longer ordinary. Father Winter’s dazzling garland has transformed this humble tree into a celebration.   From The Tao of Trees, by Maria Mar(c) The Perfect Christmas Gift The Tao of Trees Poems to reconnect you to the natural world and your [Read more.]