May 132010
Your Secret Place of Healing

Reading Time: 3 minutes Inspirational Journeys Your Secret Place of Healing Art by Maria Mar(c)2010 Dedicated to the great healer, Reverend Misa Hopkins Beautiful sister, Here is an art, poem and a gift for your self-healing. Your Secret Place of Healing In that place you stand connected to earth, like Tree. In that place you fly, connected to sky, like Bird. In that place your shine absorbing the radiant Sun, a child of the light. In that place you flourish, free from learned limitations that steal your harmony. In that place you give birth to yourself, renewing your creative force with the power of your Divine I am. Light and Love, Maria Mar The Dream Alchemist This beautiful art is dedicated to my friend and great healer, Revered Misa Hopkins. She takes you to the secret place of healing. I am grateful to her, for she has inspired me and has helped me make a major breakthrough in my own healing. This is how Misa describes the healing journey: The healing journey is a spiritual journey of transformation that launches us deeper into our [Read more.]

Nov 022009
Book Review: Love your Body, Love your Life

Reading Time: 3 minutes BOOK REVIEW by Maria Mar the Dream Alchemist   BOOK: Love your Body, Love your Life: 5 Steps to End Negative Body Obsession and Start Living Happily and Confidentially AUTHOR: Sarah Maria     Why is the Dream Alchemist reviewing this book? Why should I read it? There is a lot of talk about “having a Dream” and manifesting it. The Law of Attraction has become almost an obsession in our popular psyche. But as a manifestation expert and shaman, I can assure you that “having a dream” is the easiest way to miss it. There is only one way to manifest your dream, and that is to BE your Dream. To embody it. How can you embody your dream, however, if you are out of your body? When you reject your body because it is not the perfect “ideal” body that you’ve come to believe you must have, then you are evicted from the first territory of your physical existence. Your body anchors you in the physical world. Negative Body Image throws away that anchor and evicts you from [Read more.]

Oct 032009
Dance with the Music of Life

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hi, beautiful sisters and brothers, In this 3-part blogging series, I reflect on the rhythms of our lives. I use three popular rhythms or experiences of music to help you explore how you can entrain with the music of life. By bringing yourself into harmony with that music, you are able to stop rushing, pushing and grating against the grain of time. Instead, you can begin to flow effortlessly towards your dreams, living fully and joyfully. The first part, entitled “Soul Means Deep, Slow and Close to the Heart,” examines the obsessive-compulsive addiction with time and goals that keeps us alienated from our deepest personal truth and from the compass of our BodySoul. In this part, I use the rhythm of Soul, not only Soul as  the music genre, but other soulful rhythms such as Cante Jondo (Flamenco) and Bolero, to help you slow down and reach deep into yourself to enrich your experience of the present. In the second part, entitled “Salsa Means Spice,” I remind you that life is to be lived in the now, to be enjoyed [Read more.]

Aug 182009
The Body of Miracles

Reading Time: 3 minutes Body of Miracles I’ve dissaparated. You heard it. Just like Harry Potter and friends, I’ve dissaparated from one place and landed on another in a split second. The body does wonderful feats. It usually happens in moments when we are in physical danger and cannot send our worrisome minds to interfere. The body does amazing things to save us. All we need to do is listen to our body’s wisdom and allow it to spontaneously respond to life. Our logical mind, as useful as it is, has been socially trained in what is possible and “real.” It has been domesticated into old beliefs about what we are able to do and what we cannot do. But our bodies, when we are in tune, have an environmental wisdom that flows from Universal Consciousness. Okay, enough philosophy! Here’s the story: As you know, Corazon Tierra is my creative partner. We’ve been performing together now for 20 years. Yesterday, we were coming out of a meeting and stepped into an elevator. The minute we set feet on the darn thing, it bobbed up [Read more.]

Mar 062009
Assume your Personal Power with the Swan Posture

Reading Time: 3 minutes Assume your Personal Power with the Swan Posture By Maria Mar(c) Do you catch yourself making yourself small, hiding your neck into your shoulders, like turtle, constricting your spine, folding your torso or hunching? This attitude leads to depression and lowers your self-esteem. It holds you back from taking action and makes you feel insufficient. It sends others the message that you do not believe in yourself. Why should them? Whenever you realize that you are making yourself small, here is a Power Posture that will release your stature immediately, uplifting you and moving the energies that may have stagnated in your body. It will shift you from Ugly Duckling into the majestic swan you are. My drawing below illustrates what happens to your spine and how you create back pain and disease as a result of your “Ugly Duckling” posture. Feeling small leads to standing small, which makes you small. The Swan Posture works from the inside out and the outside in, to restore your magnificence stature. Be a Goddess! The Swan Posture Stand with legs apart and plant [Read more.]