Apr 292013
Poem- I have not yet heard a bird

Reading Time: < 1 minute I have not yet heard a bird By Maria Mar   I have not yet heard a bird crying because it can’t sing. I have not yet seen a flower wilt before it blossoms from fear that its colors will not delight. I have not yet followed a scent that hid its essence in shame. I have not yet touched a stone that coiled, feeling not enough. Yet, I have heard your silence cry the truth that you betray. And I have seen your beauty wilt while you try to fix yourself. I have missed the scent of your soul from your words, your deeds, your work. And I miss the touch of your presence while you wait ‘till another day to do more and be more stealing your fragrance from the world. ——————- New York City, April 29, 2013 Send to Kindle