May 102009
Mother's Day Gift- Self-mothering Practice

Reading Time: 4 minutes Warrior Tree, Mother Tree Power Posture Maria Mar(c)2009 This is a Power Posture to help women practice Self-Mothering. While women take care of children, elders, the sick, the community and their families, many of them find it difficult to take care of themselves. True, with all their duties, most women find it difficult to find time for self-mothering. But that is just the surface problem. Beneath, lies a deeper emotional reason. We have been trained to place our selves last and to feel guilty for giving ourselves priority. Art by Maria Mar(c)2009 Click graphic to get the downloadable poster. This exercise calls upon the sacred presence of  Trees to summon your Inner Warrior. This Power Self opens a sacred time and space, connecting you to the forces of the trees, the earth and the Universe for renewal and strength. It helps you to center yourself. Once you find your core strength and center, then you can call upon your Inner Mother to  embrace yourself and practice self-love. Preparation In preparation for the practice, copy and paste these instructions. Download the [Read more.]