Sep 082009
Are you a toxic magnet?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Are you a Toxic Magnet? By Maria Mar(c)2009 Excerpt from Toxic Relationships: Love them, but LEAVE Them Digital Self-help Kit and Home Study Course Are you signaling toxic people that you are a willing prey? Are you an unwilling, unconscious magnet for toxic people? If you often find yourself dealing with toxic people or if the effects of toxic encounters affect you more and for a longer time than they affect others, then you may be a Toxic Magnet. Just because you have a couple of toxic relationships that need addressing or because you know some toxic people does not mean that you are a Toxic Magnet. Toxic people are everywhere. You are bound to meet a couple of every month, at least. Whether you hook up with them or not is another matter. But if you often suffer from the anxiety, emotional torture and negative drama that toxic people generate, then you may want to examine if you are a Toxic Magnet. This mini self-assessment is an excerpt from Toxic Relationships: Love them, but LEAVE Them, a digital Self-help [Read more.]