Apr 192009
Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction-Birth Your Dream

Reading Time: 6 minutes Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction NO 2: Birth your Dream By Maria Mar© Author of the Dream Kit Women have used their creativity as alchemy of manifestation for centuries. This article shows you how to awaken this ancient female art to quicken the Law of Attraction. You have received the beautiful seed of your dream into your womb and your heart. There it lies, pulsating, like a baby, inside you. How do you bring it into term? You feed and protect it, as you would a baby, of course. But how do you bring it from your inner world of thoughts, desires and imagination into physical reality? You birth your dream into life through the alchemical use of arts and crafts. This involves three elements: · Arts and crafts · Ceremony · Alchemy Let’s look at each of these elements and at how they combine to bring your dream into the world. Arts and Crafts When you take your desire or idea and create a work of art or craft that embodies this dream, you use your five [Read more.]