Nov 212018
Holiday Book Gift Sales: The Tao of Trees

Reading Time: < 1 minute Holiday Book Gift Sales Ends November 27, 2018. Catch it now! The Tao of Trees Poems to reconnect you to the natural world and your Sacred Self. Give this beautiful illustrated poetry book as a Holiday Gift to a loved one… or to yourself. Beyond its pages, this book is a gift of mindfulness, serenity and beauty to heal and uplift us in these difficult times. Read more and catch the Holiday Sales here. Holidays 2018 Sales When you buy this poetry book right now, you get $5 off from the book PLUS VIP Invitation and free seat in the New Year Tao of Tree Poetry Reading and conversation with poet-artist-shaman Maria Mar Valid only from November 20 to November 27, 2018 Limited number of books available for this sales. Offer only good at Author’s Gumroad online Store and only for the purchase of The Tao of Trees paperback. Read more and get the Holiday Sales Discount here Send to Kindle

Nov 212018
Art and poem: Celebration

Reading Time: 2 minutes Thanksgiving and the Holidays Celebration During these holy days, I want to join you in a celebration of life, love and the beauty in this world. So here’s a poem and art illustration from The Tao of Trees to remind you of the magic of love and the power of gratitude. This is poem #3 and it’s in The Path of Beauty, one of seven paths in the illustrated poetry book. Celebration Yesterday I did not see this tree. I was in a hurry and walk past it. After all, it was just another tree like the many lining my path. Now I stop in wonder. Rain drops hang from the naked limbs, like diamonds glittering in the fingers of creation. Like fairies, they twinkle inviting me to play and pray; filling me with gratitude. This trunk is no longer ordinary. Father Winter’s dazzling garland has transformed this humble tree into a celebration.   From The Tao of Trees, by Maria Mar(c) The Perfect Christmas Gift The Tao of Trees Poems to reconnect you to the natural world and your [Read more.]

Jun 072012

Reading Time: < 1 minute   For more information, click here: This is a free video workshop on how to make your dream happen in your life. It includes self-assessment questions, MagicMark your Life Tips and funny, but wisdom-packed “show, don’t tell” clips by the Dream Alchemist. If you like this free workshop, click here to take a shamanic journey with Maria Mar to cross into your dream in 30 days. The MagicMark your Life 30-day Dream Crossover is a private intensive program to help you discover the transformation happening in your life right now and how to launch it as a transportation into your dream. For more information or registration, click here:     Send to Kindle

Jun 032012
Master your Transformation

Reading Time: < 1 minute Enjoy a series of funny, magical and inspiring videos, and an extravaganza of gifts and support for the transformation you need to create the life you want. In this first video, Maria Mar shows you how art and creativity are the tools you use to create your life. Master Transformation Artist Maria Mar, known as the Dream Alchemist, makes you laugh with her antiques, her spicy poetry rap and her message that your best service to the world is sharing your gifts with the world in a way that makes you happy while it delivers your purpose. A mixture of shamanic insights, spiritual teachings and stand-up comedy, this short video will rise your vibration for your manifestation. Sign up for the MagicMark your Life Community and and for the “Jollification of Transformation” Campaign at Send to Kindle

Oct 192010
Celebrate the Love your Body Week with art and free resources

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hi, Beautiful sister, Here are some gifts and resources to celebratr Love your Body Day End Fat Talk Week Art by Maria Mar(c)2010.*   Love your Female Curves   I created this art to help you enjoy and celebrate the curves of your body. Do you know that wide hips allow for better birthing process? Do you know that men are hired wired to instinctively respond to those wide hips? ):   Don’t let anybody shame you for your curves, beautiful sister. You are a woman. You are curvy, ample, sensuous and voluptuous. Bravo for you! Know that this is sexy! Not so long ago women were adored for those curves. (Think Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Loren.) But as women became freer in our society, there was a backlash. Now that we had more freedom, the focus became in cutting off our curves. This is an inorganic, distorted, borrowed dream that turns your life into a nightmare. Wake up!   I see hatred towards the Sacred Feminine in a society that shames women’s natural curves and promotes an obsession with [Read more.]

May 132010
Your Secret Place of Healing

Reading Time: 3 minutes Inspirational Journeys Your Secret Place of Healing Art by Maria Mar(c)2010 Dedicated to the great healer, Reverend Misa Hopkins Beautiful sister, Here is an art, poem and a gift for your self-healing. Your Secret Place of Healing In that place you stand connected to earth, like Tree. In that place you fly, connected to sky, like Bird. In that place your shine absorbing the radiant Sun, a child of the light. In that place you flourish, free from learned limitations that steal your harmony. In that place you give birth to yourself, renewing your creative force with the power of your Divine I am. Light and Love, Maria Mar The Dream Alchemist This beautiful art is dedicated to my friend and great healer, Revered Misa Hopkins. She takes you to the secret place of healing. I am grateful to her, for she has inspired me and has helped me make a major breakthrough in my own healing. This is how Misa describes the healing journey: The healing journey is a spiritual journey of transformation that launches us deeper into our [Read more.]