Apr 062011

Reading Time: < 1 minute www.dreamalchemist.com How to transform negative emotions, like fear or anger into pure manifestation power, revealed step-by-step by artist-shaman Maria Mar. Don’t miss this never-before shown secret on the process of emotional alchemy. A shaman and performer films the process of combing fear and transmuting it into the pure frequency of infinite possibility, where you can then harness it towards your intention. This is an empowering tool for anyone who is experiencing fear, anger, panic attacks or who has been fired and is experiencing anxiety. Learn how to release toxic emotions and limiting beliefs step-by-step, while seeing this spiritual teacher show it visually. Go from fear to power using secret tools from the Sacred Feminine spiritual tradition. See the previous episode and get the free chart The ABZ of Emotions at www.dreamalchemist.com Send to Kindle

Oct 032008

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hi, beautiful sisters, Emotions are the fuel for the Law of Attraction. What does this mean? Emotions are energy-in-motion in your energy system, your Human Energy Field. This is also known as the Energy Bodies, the Subtle Body or the Aura. While this may sound esoteric, it is the essence of the Law of Attraction. We have from 7-10 Energy Bodies. These Energy Bodies are the templates that build your physical body. See them as a bridge that goes from your physical self into the Universal Field of Infinite Possibilities. The first Energy Body is a blue grid of energy lines called the Etheric Body. Here you are working with acupuncture and the meridians. The second Energy Body is the Emotional Body. Here you are working with emotions and the creative energy, with passion. The Emotional Energy Body is fluid, like a rainbow cloud. The great thing about fluid Energy Bodies is that they are very malleable. They can shift easily. They can be dissolved, cleansed, re-textured, re-shaped, released or nurtured. You nurture emotions through giving them attention and holding [Read more.]