Sep 222009
The Angel of Trust Speaks

Reading Time: 2 minutes This is the Angel of Trust speaking. Here is its message: Trust your vision. It is God’s masterpiece painted inside your eyes. Trust your desire. It is God’s song ringing in your heart. Trust your passion. It is God’s dance whirling in your belly. Trust your courage. It is God’s strength dashing through your blood. Trust your Faith. It is God’s certainty rising from your bones. Light and love, Maria Mar The Dream Alchemist _______________________________________ Does this help? Let me know! Leave your comment. If you receive this in an email, click here to leave your comment. —————————— TWEET THIS! Recommend this blog post in a tweet, by clicking below. Click Here. ________________________________ Maria Mar(c) You can use this post in ezines, web pages and other online media as long as you include my name and copyright mark and the paragraph below, with functional link: Maria Mar is the Dream Alchemist, an inspirational speaker, ceremonialist poet, coach, author and spiritual teacher who helps women create the life of their dreams. Visit her at: Catch the Dream Express! ____________________________________ Share this [Read more.]