Oct 022008
Fear, Recession and the Law of Attraction

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you are hearing the debates about our economy, you are probably stressed, confused, angry and afraid. This emotional toxic marsh is the perfect psychic ground for your fears to flourish. Your emotions play a key role in your capacity to activate or block the flow of the Law of Attraction. Fear blocks the flow. Faith, as a connection to The Source, activates the flow. You have the power to bring your vision, as well as your needs, to the collective table. You can have a positive impact both, in your individual life and in the social solutions that are created at this time. In order to be effective, however, you need to stay open to the Universal Field of Infinite Possibilities. You must be able to access your intuitive wisdom. Fear and stress block these abilities. This Article lets you know how fear blocks your power to create change and to find solutions. It offers simple practices to release fear.   Symptoms of fear -related stress At a time of financial crisis, it is normal to be afraid, specially [Read more.]