May 262011

Reading Time: < 1 minute Thursdays for peace: Chaos is what happens. Harmony is what I am. (To use this affirmation as a mantra, read more.) Mantras have great power because: 1. They re-structure your emotional vibration. 2. They reinforce your Free-choice thoughts vs. learned or habitual unconscious thoughts that may intercept your intent To do mantra or affirmation follow these steps. 1. Inhale deeply as you think this. You can place your hand in your heart to “receive” the meaning into your body and soul. 2. Exhale as you speak it out loud. The volume is not as important as the strength of the vibration, and this depends on your focus and your ability to bring your body and emotions into it. 3. Repeat three times. 4.  You can sing it for the extra power of vibrations. Create a jingle with a good beat. Jingles operate powerfully in the subconscious. Hear the structural beat. Cha-os-is-what-happens- Har-mo-ny’is-what-I-am. 5. Elongate the “M” at the end.When using chanting and sound for healing and transformation, the “m” sound brings the meaning and vibration back into your body, so [Read more.]