Apr 102009
Are you an Active Dreamer or a Daydreamer: A Self-assessment Tool

Reading Time: 8 minutes Are you an Active Dreamer or a Daydreamer? Self-assessment Tool By Maria Mar©   The first thing that happens when you begin to dream; I mean Dream, with capital D ~to manifest a vision, desire or goal in your life~ is doubt. The doubt comes from the fact that you are walking into the unknown. It can also come from well-intentions (or not so well-intentioned) people who are “practical” and do not believe in dreams. But the doubt can also be a flag showing you the wounds you need to heal, the skills you need to develop and the places where you need support. How do you know if your dream is “Real”, doable and authentic? Or are you really a daydreamer that dwells in fantasy, as some people are quick to point out? This self-assessment tool will help you ascertain if you are an Active Dreamer ~what I call a DreamCrafter; or a daydreamer. In each outcome, it will give you a 3-step action plan to improve your chances of becoming your dream and offer you resources in my [Read more.]