Aug 172011

Reading Time: 2 minutes Positive Quotes: When others reject you, do not look to them for acceptance. Look at yourself. You will discovered that it is you who has not yet received you!   Maria Mar from Give Yourself Permission to BE! Ebook 7 in the Ebook Series Give Yourself Permission to Succeed Success Seed Gardening Kit   Tip for this quote: There is often a lack of Unconditional Love and acceptance in ourselves for our Self. We then seek others’ approval and acceptance to fill this gap. But nothing does. The only substance that can fill that lack is the Internal Action of RECEIVING Yourself. Love yourself just as you are. Feel your sacredness. Feel your value. RECEIVE the gifts you give others even before you send them into the world. To the degree in which you receive yourself, you experience acceptance from the world. Then, if someone rejects you or cannot receive from you, there will be no hurt because you will be able to not take it personally. Why? Because you receive you. In valuing and feeling your sacred goodness, you [Read more.]