Oct 202011
The season for Fairy Tales: Kiss Yourself Awake

Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s fairy pollen in the air, but not everything is fantasy. Find out how Once Upon a Time casts a spell that can steal your success in real life. Do you like fairy tales? Then this is high season for you! At a time in which ABC just announces the launching of their new TV series, Once Upon a Time, I am also launching my book Rewrite your Fairy Tales for Success. In my book I reveal how women can use the five most famous feminine fairy tales as a map to break free from limitations and make their dreams come true. The new ABC series may have hit a nerve in women’s lives. Many scripts that trap women in the past and sabotage their success have to do with our favorite childhood fairy tales. I discovered this in my more than 20 years working with women spanning three continents. Here’s the question: what is stopping you from unleashing your greatness? My book Rewrite your Fairy Tales for Success: Unleash your Greatness reveals that these fairy tales are archetypal maps [Read more.]

Oct 192011

Reading Time: < 1 minute www.dreamalchemist.com Is Once Upon a Time casting a spell in your real life? “The new ABC TV series has hit a nerve in women’s life” says storyteller and women’s personal growth expert Maria Mar. Her new book, “Rewrite your Fairy Tales for Success: Unleash your Greatness” uncovers the fairy tales curse that may be stealing your greatness and how to use fairy tales as a map to make your dreams come true. This video includes a self-assessment tool that lets you know which fairy tale you are playing out and check points to see if you are suffering the curse of Snow White. For more information, visit: www.dreamalchemist.com Send to Kindle