How I can Help You?

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How can I Help You

~  Are you a seeker searching for a guide to shed light in your path?

~  Do you want to experience life as an adventure and would love a spiritual scout to show you the magic right now?

~  Do you have a practical problem that could use a spiritual solution?

~  How about seeing the stubborn obstacle in your way as a quest?

~  Could you use a ceremony to bring your transition, transformation or healing into the sacred territory of Soul?

~  Are you suspecting Blind Spots and need someone to help you see what you are missing right now, so that you can stop doing the same thing that’s not working and move ahead?

~  Do you feel trapped in a story that keeps repeating itself? Do you want to change the story to change your life?


If any of this resonates with you, then I can help you.

If you are committed to your path and have been walking for a while, you know that you can’t do it alone.

You  intuitively know that the person to guide you needs to resonate at a deep level with your soul and walk her talk.

As you read the articles in this blog, you will get a sense if that guide you’ve been seeking is me.

If you feel at any moment that I’m the guide for your quest or journey,   come back here and check the consultations, ceremonies and programs I offer. Click on each slide to read more or register for any service.

Don’t see what you need? Contact me and we’ll custom-make it for you.

Let me guide you through the transformation you want with ease and grace.


Click on any slide to read more or register for the program at my store.

About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.