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Feb 112016
Valentine Gift-The Courage to Love

Reading Time: 2 minutes Valentine Gift The Courage to Love What is your love story? Are you overflowing with love in your life, romantic as well as friendship love? Are you in love? Out of love? Grieving a break-up? Have you given up in love or are you heartbroken? Whatever your love story is, you will infuse it with magic and inspiration in this short video love letter that is my gift to you this Valentine. So often Valentine messages are only for those who have a partner, but love exists beyond the meeting with the beloved. It expands us beyond the relationship. It does not go when the beloved departs. Therefore, this Valentine message is for you no matter what your love story is, if you are in a relationship, alone, going through a breakup, grieving a love relationship or hiding from love. This is a love letter to celebrate your capacity to love, to infuse you with the courage to love again and to inspire you to dive into your loss to grow your love (instead of hiding and protecting yourself from [Read more.]

Jan 202015
The 12 Veils of Forgetfulness

Reading Time: 7 minutes The 12 Veils of Forgetfulness   This is the second article in a series of 2. Read the first article here: Soul Hatching Meditation.   The Veils of Forgetfulness are the mental, emotional and energetic interferences that keep your programming running, veiling and interfering with your conscious connection to your Soul. They were created during childhood and youth but can also be created in adulthood as the result of a trauma. Either through conditioning or conclusion, you create these veils as protections to your Soul, to your Essence. But once created, they become attached to your Primary Identity and become a mask that hides your Essence and pops up each time you want to connect to your Core Self. How the Veils of Forgetfulness are Created They are created in either of two ways: Someone —usually an adult (in childhood) or a person to whom you have conferred authority— convinces you to see yourself in certain way. This can be the way they see you or the way they believe you should see yourself in order to be good or [Read more.]

Jun 062014
Part 5: The Princess with the Empty Treasure Chest

Reading Time: 23 minutes This is a story-in-progress that I am sharing with my Tribe, fresh from the oven. I invite you to help me polish it by leaving me your feedback or reviews in the comments below. To have access, pay with a social media like, whether Read Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4 Part 5 The Ring of Entitlement Rayna and Inlakesh were sipping the last drops of coffee when some brouhaha among the trees at the back of the cabin made them jump. Rayna picked up her club instinctively. But Inlakesh bade her to listen and observe through the northwest window. It soon became apparent that some sort of bird mischief was going on. Rayna went out, wanting to play with the birds. But Inlakesh followed as silent and light as the ray of sun now falling on the stirring waters in the nearby birdbath. Before Rayna could interfere, Inlakesh pointed towards a tree that seemed to shake with terror. A burst of sparrows escape the trees as a cry was heard. “Pay attention!” Inlakesh admonished. Red-tail Hawk soared through the sky [Read more.]

Mar 212014
The Wounded Dancer

Reading Time: < 1 minute She stood gracefully in front of me, her heart completely exposed. It had been carved with a blunt knife long ago by a ruthless lover. She was exuberant and amazonic; though others may have called her misshapen, chubby or overweight. The trunk of her body was short, but her long arms reached up to heaven and blossomed into graceful movements that played with the bright sky above. Out of her womb rose two long trunks, making her a trilogy. These trunks also rose into the sky majestically, like a star receiving an ovation. Her roots immersed themselves deep into the darkest, most moist secrets of earth, absorbing her mysteries to then sing them triumphantly to the stars. This I saw in the tree in front of me. This she said into my Soul. This she mirrored for me. “Be triumphantly you! Sing to the Sky the song that runs through your body, a frequency rooted in the deepest part of you! Connect to earth. Let your heart and hers beat as one! Gracefully dance your Wounded Heart into healing!” Question [Read more.]

Apr 222011
2012: Is it the end of the world?

Reading Time: 2 minutes People see what happens in Japan and cry: “The Mayan Prophecies are real! 2012 is the end of the world!” Panic spreads in social media. This is fear talking, not Mayan wisdom. 2012 is not the end of the world. It is the time to come home. I am writing this series of posts in response to the fear that is spreading in social media and across the USA, perhaps across the world, as a result of the earthquake in Japan and the Pacific Tsunami and the resulting nuclear disaster. There are a lot of people now connecting these disasters and those of the last years with the Mayan Prophecies about 2012 and believing that this means the end of the world. I am a shaman and Spiritual Teacher with a  long Spiritual Practice. I do not call myself an expert in Mayan Prophecies, but I have listened to the Mayan and Native elders and to my Spirit Guides, as well as to my own self-wisdom. As a Peacekeeper and a Rose Warrior, I am here to help dispel fear [Read more.]

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