Sep 292017

Puerto Rican people are dying as emergency help is withheld
If you want to hear what is happening, from the mouth of Puerto Ricans who are trapped in the ruins left by Huracaine Maria, listen to this radio show. This is a live radio show aired on September 27, where a Puerto Rican police woman calls in. She is crying and you can hear the desperation in her whole being as she reveals that the politicians are playing games for publicity –withholding the emergency help.
But even before the help could get in, the USA refused to lift up the Jones Act until yesterday, and only for 10 days. Meanwhile Venezuelan ships and ships from other countries were loaded with emergency help and could not enter the island.
After the Act Jones was temporarily lifted, FEMA started with their turf war. According to EcoKit Puerto rico, an initiative started by the Puerto Rican Diaspora in New York and Connecticut to generate ecological and disaster appropriate kits to send to Puerto Rico, any ship not processed through FEMA is being manually inspected and charged […]