Apr 232017
Meet the Authors: Maria Mar on living your brilliance

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Meet the Authors * Shamans * Alchemists
Maria Mar on living your brilliance
Who: Maria Mar (I’ll talk my walk first, to set the trail)

What: Author, shaman, alchemist, storyteller
Her call to you: Live your brilliance now.

One day I woke up from a long, long sleep and could not believe what I was doing to myself…
I was in my second year of training as a shaman. I was healing my Sexual Chakra and Emotional Energy Body, which have to do with emotions, creativity and sexuality.
“You are sabotaging your success and your creativity,” my healing partner told me at the end of a furious rant.
I was using enactment as the vehicle to explore some issues. Enactment means that I allowed myself to involve my entire body, voice and energy in the rant.
So here I was, flapping my hands in space, kicking and cursing as I ranted about how I did not have enough photos for my new portfolio because for years on end I had forgotten to give myself priority in the photo shoots and press releases and now I had nothing to show […]

Apr 202017
Meet the Authors Coming Soon!

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Do you love to read? I shouldn’t ask. You are a subscriber to my blog, after all. (Wink.) But I wanted you to pay attention because you are about to meet fascinating authors, shamans and alchemists. You are one step away from discovering fiction jewels in fantasy, feminine literature, shamanic fiction and poetry. You are about to be served with the latest and rarest treasures in personal growth, spirituality, women’s issues, creativity and the Sacred Feminine… right into your inbox.
If you are anything like me, I spend a lot of time searching for out-of-the-box books; not to mention the hours I spend searching for transformation experts and tools. I love to talk with new authors for both my fiction passion and my personal growth and spiritual inspiration. Sometimes I’m typing keywords on Amazon/Kindle for hours!
The thing is that I’m a different type of reader. For example, I love fantasy, but I love a feminine or softer fantasy. One with a female protagonist who goes on a quest to gain wisdom or transformation –not to blast everyone off the planet! LOL! […]