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Are your problems holding you back from the success and happiness you deserve? Discover how your favorite childhood fairy tales reveal the secret “curse” or prohibition that you suffered as a child and that is still enchanting you out of your greatness.

Rewrite your Fairy Tales for Success (Unleash your Greatness) is a book especially written for spiritual, creative women.

This digital book allows you to use reading, writing and creative projects to engage your favorite fairy tales as maps to break free from the old “curse” that’s stealing your dreams and sabotaging your greatness.

  • Are you constantly facing problems that seem to keep you from creating the life you want?
  • Do you experience emotions that hold you back, like fear, a sense of insufficiency or guilt that you are trying to be successful?
  • Do you need a transformation in your life so that you can break free from your limitations?
  • Do you love creativity and innovation?

You will love this angle on Fairytales! Full of real life stories, first-person anecdotes, shamanic secrets and magical revelations, this book is your fairy godmother!

The ebook Rewrite your Fairy Tales for Success (Unleash your Greatness) guides you through five fairy tales that may have trapped you into self-sabotage or secretly prohibited you from unleashing your greatness. These fairy tales and the wounds they describe are:

  • Cinderella – The Wound of Selflessness and the Sacrifice of the Feminine
  • The Ugly Duckling – The Wound of Insufficiency and the Sacrifice of the Swan (Grace and Majesty)
  • Snow White – Mama’s Curse and the karma of envy and toxic relationships
  • Sleeping Beauty – The Wound of Co-dependence and the Inner Divorce
  • Rapunzel – The Wound of Invisibility, stolen Grace and talents and the belief in a hostile world

As these fairy tales twist, their plot also reveals the Medicine that restores your greatness.

  • Cinderella – Summon your Higher Powers, shake off the ashes and leave your unique prints in the world
  • The Ugly Duckling –Open your swan wings, embrace your Unique Essence and find your flock
  • Snow White – Clean your own mess, Mother yourself and assume the Throne of Authority
  • Sleeping Beauty – Wake up and see what is and perform the Marriage of Power
  • Rapunzel – Sing your Power song and Awaken the Warrior Mother

Finally, I’ve added my trademark: alchemical art projects that allow you to transform your life while having fun! Let the magic of delight, creativity and imagination weave the counter-spell for the “curses” holding you back! Unlock the blessings and gifts in each fairy tale through the power of your creativity.


The book helps you to transform the wounds of your “curse” into the radiant gifts and personal powers you were born with via creative activities such as:

  • Journal writing
  • Conscious Living Practices
  • Movement, singing, acting and other fun, dynamic activities and
  • Alchemical arts and crafts projects


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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is the Dream Alchemist, an author, poet, sacred storyteller and spiritual teacher whose life mission is to inspire and support you to express your unique gifts, breaking free from what holds you back to step into your greatness and make a BIG difference in the world. Maria creates stories that help you change the story you tell yourself and others. Through her ARTchemy, she allows you to create the change you want in your life right now using your creativity and enjoying the process. Maria Mar is a shaman who teaches shamanic secrets of the Law of Attraction and the spiritual insights of the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom to help women stop playing small and free the Goddess living in their hearts. Live an inspired life with the inspiration Maria Mar provides to the members of the MagicMark your Life Tribe.

A PBS-featured performer and visual artist, Maria has freed her vast creative potential and helps you do the same, designing a life and work experience that fulfills your soul's purpose. Maria marries her artistry and imagination with her wisdom and energy tools as a shaman to offer powerful tools for self-transformation, healing and manifestation.

Through ceremonies, shamanic transformational journeys and storytelling, as well as through her books and art, the Dream Alchemist helps you create powerful shifts of consciousness that transform your world.

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