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May 192015
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Do you Need to Create a Chrysalis?

I want to share with you the magic of my most recent shamanic performance that took place on Sunday, May 17th in New York.
I just emerged from my ceremonial chrysalis and did a magical Butterfly Dance.
This was an in-depth ceremony for me as well as a shamanic performance and journey for the women in the audience.
I first wrote a poem and then danced it. The poem was a shamanic journey through the process of creating my chrysalis, feeding on it to become my dream and finally emerging as my embodied potential.
“But what is this chrysalis?” you may ask.

In nature, the chrysalis is the new skin that the caterpillar builds in order to nurture and protect its transformation into butterfly.

The Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom teaches us that women also need to create a chrysalis to nurture and protect our transformation. Throughout time, there have been different ceremonies, rites or special places for women to do this, from the Moon Lodge to the Red Tent.

If you are right now undergoing a change —or even more to the point— if you are actively working to change something in your life, then you need to create a chrysalis.

My current chrysalis fed my dream of stepping into my radiance and allowing it to reach far out into the world, to touch a larger group of people. Remember how my New Year’s intention was to SHINE!? Remember that my New Year’s miracle was that I receive a book entitled “SHINE” with lots of stars and inspiration to shine… which I had NOT ordered?

Well, I was working in my Star Chrysalis, and that is the type of miracles that happen when you gather your energy and attention to feed your dream.

This Star Chrysalis– that’s the name of the Dream Chrysalis I created to unleash my radiance– facilitated me to develop, produce and publish my novel and to create a new performance for women’s empowerment that gathered my research, observation and conversations on women’s success and leadership for the last eight years, along with a program that is the continuity tool for the audience who wants to create their chrysalis.

So what does it mean for a woman to create a chrysalis? Does she go into a cave? Does she goes into labor? Does she skip town? Is it like when you are doing a post-graduate course, that you lock yourself home to study and skip all social events? What does it look like?

It looks differently for each woman and it is different each time you create a chrysalis because it depends on the intention, the dream or purpose that you are feeding inside that chrysalis.

But one thing is essential to keep in mind: the chrysalis is not a defensive shell where the caterpillar hides from the world, however. It is a transitional skin, a Sacred Space that allows the Caterpillar to shapeshift into its highest potential: the butterfly.

If you are working to manifest your Dream or committed to growing into your potential —for example, if you want to embody your purpose or play a bigger game in your field— then you need to create a Chrysalis.

Finally, a chrysalis is the act of eating your Dream.


You heard right.

That is a verse from my Butterfly Emergence poem.

The caterpillar feeds on the chrysalis to become butterfly. We need to feed on our Dream in order to become that dream.

Especially for women, who are the caregivers —and often the caretakers— of everyone around us; we need to set aside a sacred time and space to connect to Soul and allow it to guide us.

Carl Jung said:

In the Chrysalis, we ask our Soul questions like:

  • What are my gifts, talents and skills and how can I integrate them to embody my purpose?
  • How can I build a bridge to that new level I want for my work?
  • What is holding me back from playing a bigger game, occupying my Seat of Authority or flying high into my potential? What can I do?
  • Why are my actions ineffective and what new actions can I take?
  • What is it that I truly want? What makes me deeply happy and fills my heart?
  • How can I do this for a living or as a practice?
  • What is it that I am resisting in my personal or professional growth? Why? How can I find a graceful path?
  • Where do I need help? Who could help me? Who would be a good mentor or counsel? Where is my community of belonging for that new stage I want to grow into?
  • Who am I truly in my sacredness, when I am an expression of The Divine? How am I already perfect for my purpose, just as I am now?
  • Am I sitting on the Orphan or Victim Chair? How can I seat in the Creatress Chair and create the life I want?
  • How can I bloom here and now, right where I am planted?


The chrysalis becomes your growth laboratory. In that time and space you give yourself and your dream, purpose or potential undivided attention. It is your path of commitment.

Without a Chrysalis, women often end up doing one of two things:

  • Postpone and procrastinate our own dream, purpose or potential in order to do the myriad daily tasks or ordinary life and to take care of everyone else, or
  • Push forward with our logical minds, following borrowed blueprints or standardize plans that may not be in harmony with our Soul. These may lead to a success; but it is not the success our Soul desires and therefore will not make us happy.

If you are “here” but want to be “there”…


The chrysalis is the bridge that allows you to walk through that transformation in a way that honors your Soul, integrates your gifts and embodies your purpose.

The chrysalis allows you to absorb your dream into your being, feed on it and grow wings from the inside out.



Now you can join my Butterfly Woman Emergence Program to create your chrysalis and emerge as your embodied potential.


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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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