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Jun 282019
Reading Time: 5 minutes

This ceremonial poem helps you to flush out all the gremlins, feelings of insufficiency and low-level constant stress (the most harmful for your health) into the surface. Then it brings you into a peaceful, spacious frequency where you can experience movement in stillness.

To use this poem as a ceremony, copy/paste and print. You have permission to do this for yourself and your personal use. For printing somewhere else or to pass it on, contact us to get permission.


Stay focused on the heart-intention of releasing these fast-spinning mental vibes and embrace spaciousness.

Poem as ceremony:

To benefit from the poem as ceremony, make sure to breathe gently and fully as you read it. Read it once in silence, then out loud. To increase the potency, stand up and read it while allowing your body to move intuitively, using your arms, hands and all your expressive faculties.

Play with the phonemes at the beginning and end. They trigger certain alchemy in your brain. The opening set helps you to get in contact with chaos and dissonance and the closing set helps you get in contact with pleasure and harmony.

(The words inside brackets and in italics are instructions. For example: utter your name in a question or exclamation or breathe.)

Also, pay attention to your voice as it moves out of you into the Field of Energy around you.

Ready? Enjoy!

Mmm Mmm… Mmmm Mmmm
Nnnaaaa Naaaa
Nan Nan Nan Ke Kra Ke Kan
(Your name as a question)?
(Your name as an exclamation)!!
Hurrrrrreeeeee! Kra kekeke Kran

Oh God! What a mess!

I’m washing dishes while I cook

and the food is getting burn.

People come and go

walking all over what I do

Sticking their hands here and there

It’s like I’m cooking

on someone else’s stove.

Like my space is not my own.

My life is not my own.

My work is not my own.

Always in-te-rrup-tions!

Doing so many things

at the same time

while I think on the next things

that I need to do

And the food is getting burn.

The to-do list always grows

Always grows and nothing gets done.

There is always something else

And it never ever ends.

I never ever finish.

And the freaking food is getting burn.

What I do is never enough.

I’m never enough.

And I’m doing more and more

But it’s never ever done.

What a mess! This is madness!

What am I suppose to do now?

I’m sweeping while I study.

I’m listening to a personal growth audio

while I mend my clothing.

I’m typing my report in the train, on the go.

I’m always on the go.

I’m multi-tasking

myself into oblivion.

And the list never gets done.

The dam food is getting burn!

I’m trying so very hard

but I don’t have the time.

Time flies by… where did it go?

And the to-do never stops.

I don’t have time.

I don’t have time.

I don’t have time.

But the clock keeps ticking.

And the food is getting burn!

Oh God! I’m so tired

so stretched, so stressed

so confused and depressed.

This is a mess.

This is hell.

What the heck am I doing?

What should I do? Please tell me!

Tell me what to do!

Tell me how to do it faster!

Faster! Quicker! Hurry up!

I’m spinning out of control.

I lost track of who I am.

I don’t know why I’m even here.

I forgot how to play and laugh.

I’m running in place.

Digging a hole for my own death.

Death by doing.

And the freaking food is getting burn!


I want to change.


Emptiness is so scary.

But I embrace it.


Order comes when I…

stop shooting myself with shoulds

and I breathe.

I breathe into my bones, my cells.

I open empty space inside myself.


Relief comes when I…

 love myself fiercely,

 forgive my imperfections

and clear my mind.

I hear my heart.

I enter my center

which is always still.



I hold myself

inside your arms, Stillness…

even through fear and rush

and the habitual urgency…

I stay. I stay. I stay.


Order comes. Harmony comes when…

I surrender the to-do list

like a soldier surrenders the killing weapon.

Like a lover surrenders to the lovers’ embrace.

Like the sick in agony surrender to death.

But this surrender leads to life.

I am breathing.

Oh God! I had forgotten how to breathe!


Harmony comes. Peace comes when…

I stop listening

to what everyone else wants me to do.

And start listening

to what I want to do.

What I want to be.

What I am when I stand

in my dream.

When I treasure my gifts.

When I embody my purpose.

When I wear my true bright beautiful colors.

When I nourish my vision

and give myself time

to be and do my mission

engaging my imagination.

What a new concept!

I give myself time!

Time is not chasing me.

It is gifting me with life.

I am not out of time

because I’m still alive.

So I have time….

If I give it to myself

to live and love and laugh

and be what I was born to be

and give what brings my heart into fullness.

Time is the stove

where I create my life.

I’m cooking my life

with my own ingredients:

the thoughts, emotions, choices and actions

that nourish my body and soul;

that give the best of me

to nourish the world

while making me strong.

I feel it now.

Time dancing sloooowly

inside of me,

sensually alchemizing

my experience into my creations.

And there is no abrasion.

No combustion.

No conflagration.

This food never burns.

It is always ready when I am.

Order comes. Harmony comes when…

I own my space,

my dreams and my desires.

When I own my choices

and choose what brings me

into fullness

into blossom

into joy

into heart-based service.

Peace comes. Joy comes when…

I stop hurrying and haranguing myself.

Giving myself excuses

why my life is not my own.

My time is not my own.

My doing is not my own.

My being is not my own.

When I give myself permission

to do what makes my heart sing

what is true to my nature

what unfolds my potential…

because I love myself fiercely

and my heart is my compass

and my soles walks me

in the direction of my Soul.

Peace comes. Harmony comes. Time stretches when…

I love myself as the creator/ creatress

of my beautiful life.

Day by day I design it.

Step by step I dance it.

I shape my life in the image of my love.

I cook my life to delicious completion.

And that food does not burn

because I stir it

with my own brand of magic.

I am not the maker of time

But I am its weaver.

I weave it into creation

when I breathe deeply, freely,

when I move with ease and grace,

when I enjoy the open space

within me and around me,

when I receive and appreciate

the beauty of this world.

When I stop pushing, rushing,

judging, cramming

my infinite being

into a duty-bound box

into a standard cubbyhole

into a 9-5 production army

into a ball of shoulds and should nots…

and instead

I love myself into freedom.

Energy, Air, water

They are never finished.

They  run and flow and nourish.

Life dances in all its channels.

It moves through every obstacle.

And so I live.

Flow happens when…

I live in the open spaces.

When giving and caring

begin with myself

because I am one with all of life.

When I stand inside myself

for myself.

My chosen values.

My free choices.

My genius.

My needs and wants

met without fear or shame.

Order comes. Harmony comes. Peace comes when…

I AM love.

Then everything falls into place.

Because I am in my place.

Mmm Mmm… Mmmm Mmmm…

Alalala Alalala Alalalalalalalalala!

Mmm Mmm… Mmmm Mmmm

Alalala Alalala Alalalalalalalalala!

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Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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