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Jun 122012
Release fear, release struggle

Reading Time: 3 minutes Words of Wisdom
Release Fear and you release struggle

Shift from fear to love.
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Fear triggers control, which triggers the defensive mind. The logical mind tries to find ways to take back control in an effort to survive. The problem is that most of the time, there is no real threat to your survival. The primitive releases a stampede of defensive thoughts that create high levels of stress, impair your discernment and close you off to your spiritual guidance. In this chaotic, fearful state, you are less competent to make good decisions. Yet, you are trapped in an illusion that you are in control. You make terrible choices, push away friends and allies and give in to enemies and manipulation. And you find yourself  struggling. Surrender this control illusion. Release it.

Freedom comes from releasing fear and embracing love
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Part 1: Release Fear
Release fear from your BodySoul. By practicing deep, slow breathing, relaxation exercises, emptying your mind, meditating or connecting to nature as a consistent practice you can release fear every day.
Part 2: Embrace Love
Embrace love. Practice self-love in small […]

Nov 082011
Love, Joy and Imagination Reduce Stress in Problem Solving

Reading Time: 6 minutes Learn how love, joy and imagination reduce the stress in problem solving.
When you get scared, your logical mind wants to take over in order to make sense of chaos. You stress yourself in an attempt to control life. There is an easier path. Love, joy and imagination allow you to respond to difficult challenges with the tools to thrive and the alchemy to transmute limitations into mastery.
So life has dealt you an unexpected bad hand of cards.

You are diagnosed with a serious disease.
Your elder parent shows signs of dementia.
Your daughter is pregnant out of wedlock.
Your son drops out of high school.

This is not what you had planned. Your mind immediately labels these unexpected events as bad. Now you are scared. Bad things are scary. The unknown is scary.
When we are scared, our logical mind wants to take over in order to make sense of chaos. We have been trained to use logic in order to solve problems. Having diagnosed the event as a problem, you summon your logical mind to solve this riddle.
Ah, but you are playing a trick on […]

Oct 192010
Celebrate the Love your Body Week with art and free resources

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Hi, Beautiful sister,
Here are some gifts and resources to celebratr

Love your Body Day
End Fat Talk Week

Art by Maria Mar(c)2010.*

Love your Female Curves
I created this art to help you enjoy and celebrate the curves of your body. Do
you know that wide hips allow for better birthing process? Do you know that
men are hired wired to instinctively respond to those wide hips? ):
Don’t let anybody shame you for your curves, beautiful sister. You are a woman. You are curvy, ample, sensuous and voluptuous. Bravo for you! Know that this is sexy! Not so long ago women were adored for those curves. (Think Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Loren.) But as women became freer in our society, there was a backlash. Now that we had more freedom, the focus became in cutting off our curves. This is an inorganic, distorted, borrowed dream that turns your life into a nightmare. Wake up!
I see hatred towards the Sacred Feminine in a society that shames women’s
natural curves and promotes an obsession with being thin. There’s nothing
wrong with being thin if that’s natural to […]

May 222010
The Root of All Healing

Reading Time: 5 minutes

The Root of All Healing:

7 Steps to Healing Anything

Book and Product Review
By the Dream Alchemist
Book:  The Root of All Healing: 7 Steps to Healing Anything
Product: 7 Steps to Healing Anything Home Study Course
Author/Creator: Reverend Misa Hopkins
***** 5 stars: Excellent read, excellent transformational tool, excellent spiritual and healing journey

I am a seasoned healer and a self-transformational expert, so I thought that Reverend Misa Hopkins’ “7 Steps to Healing Anything Home Study Course” would be a refresher course. Was I in for a surprise! I have experienced a profound breakthrough in my self-healing process from just working the first lesson!

Reading Reverend Misa’s book some months ago was a beautiful healing
meditation. Her writing voice slows you down and brings you to the place of healing. This place is effortless because you let go of the complications you create to distract yourself from your body’s Authentic Presence. This place is peaceful because there is no pressure, no judgment.

As Reverend Misa takes you into this healing place, she says things that
your “Small Mind” sees as so simple as to be obvious. But […]

May 132010
Your Secret Place of Healing

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Inspirational Journeys

Your Secret Place of Healing

Art by Maria Mar(c)2010
Dedicated to the great healer, Reverend
Misa Hopkins

Beautiful sister,
Here is an art, poem and a gift for your self-healing.

Your Secret Place of Healing

In that place you stand
connected to earth, like Tree.
In that place you fly,
connected to sky, like Bird.
In that place your shine
absorbing the radiant Sun,
a child of the light.
In that place you flourish,
free from learned limitations
that steal your harmony.
In that place you give birth
to yourself, renewing your creative force
with the power of your Divine I am.

Light and Love,
Maria Mar
The Dream Alchemist

This beautiful art is dedicated to my friend and great healer, Revered Misa Hopkins. She takes you to the secret place of healing. I am grateful to her, for she has inspired me and has helped me make a major breakthrough in my own healing.

This is how Misa describes the healing journey:

The healing journey is a spiritual journey of transformation that launches us deeper into our relationship to the divine.

Reverend Misa Hopkins
Self Empowered Health Seminar

Your Gift!

Revered Misa has a free gift for your own healing, and I thought I would add […]

Mar 012010
Book-Sneak Preview-Awaken your Second Sight

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Life Metaphors are healing metaphors delivered by the poet-healer of your
psyche, by the sacred consciousness of life, directly to you. They guide
you, answer your questions and direct your powers to heal and manifest.
They show up in the form of dreams, in situations that are Sacred Mirrors
and in striking metaphors, like a piece of gum stuck to your sole that reveals an attachment stuck to your soul.
Maria Mar
The Dream Alchemist

Inspirational Book Excerpt

“At different times in my life, I am a physician, a teacher, a friend and an
author, but being a dreamer is what I value the most.

Whatever I am doing, I always hear my dreams echoing in a distant
underground chamber beneath my thoughts and feelings, attuned to the
rhythms of my body and the very substance of the earth. They are my
compass and my truth; they guide me and link me to the Divine. They call out
to me in an intimate whisper, always knowing how to find me. They
speak my real name.


Judy Orloff

Second Sight

For me, dreaming is a direct line to a place where magic abounds and nothing
is without meaning. It […]

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