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May 142014
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I’m working to enrich my awareness of my connection to the Unifying Field and my broadcast to the field in order to fine-tune my manifestation.

Last week I decided to dance in/with The Field.

My intention was to “give” and to “receive” to allow abundance to flow from me and to me, so that I could more easily and gracefully flow abundance.

But when I started dancing in/with the flow, something amazing happened that blew my mind!

There was no specific moment to “give” or “receive”.

In fact, I could not open my hand to give or receive or stop the hand in that gesture. It was all waves of flow going in and out without freezing at any point, a movement similar to the infinity symbol.

I was being guided by a friend who is an expert in movement for healing and transformation and she told me that the movements I was doing were the movements of the heart and circulatory system!

I physically experienced that there is no such thing as “giving” to “Other” and “receiving” for “me” because there is no other and me. We are one in The Field and one with The Field. We are cells of The Field, sharing one intelligence and part of the same organism.

I’m still processing this wonderful experience. It was the physical experience of oneness, and felt like I had come home to my belonging in this universe.

So here’s a simple step-by-step guidance to Be in the Flow through movement, so that you can enjoy this beautiful experience and manifest what you want gracefully, releasing effort.


  1. Stand with your feet hip-wide apart, knees flexed (not bent or stiff).
  2. Feel your feet firmly planted in the floor and keep your feet there during the dance. Don’t displace in space, just move standing there.
  3. Breathe deeply, with your whole body, but gently.
  4. Fill your Hara Line, a vertical energy line running from the earth through your spine and through the crown of your head. With your attention, connect the crown of your head, your nose, the center between your breasts (the “I” spot) and your belly button, so that you become centered in your Core Self.
  5. Establish your intention, allowing it to expand from your heart (not your head).
  6. As you breathe with your entire body, shift your attention to the periphery of your body and fine-tune it to “feel” your energy field. You may start with feeling your skin, then your body hair, then the warmth emanating from your body until you are able to sense the energy around you.
  7. Keep breathing and allow this energy in and around you (your energy body) to expand as you inhale and to move you as you exhale, until your body starts moving spontaneously.
  8. Allow your body to move softly, gently, in waves. Don’t try to control anything. Surrender to the waves.
  9. As your body picks up momentum, ride the waves and enjoy them.
  10. Be in your body. Be in the movement. Be in the energy.
  11. Allow whatever waves happen to move your body as you stay anchored in your grounded feet and your Core Self, (your Hara Line). This grounding and centering allow you to relax and let go of the rest.
  12. Once you are ready to stop, simply bring your attention into your heart, fully receiving the experience, and allow all movement to slowly come to a hault.
  13. Stay there for a while, allowing your mind and heart to integrate the experience.
  14. Then write or articulate what this experience taught you or how it healed you. Become aware of what the Unifying Field is telling you through your Being in the Flow.
  15. Understand that Being is the language of The Flow. It is Presence. It is nowness. There is no “me” and “others.” We are one flow.
  16. Allow the experience and understanding to grow on you and to shift the way you are manifesting, living and thinking. This is gentle and gradual.
  17. You may want to do this FlowDance daily or once a week for a while, until you can fully BE in the flow.

And don’t forget to come back and leave your comments there. What happened for you?



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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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